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Attendees to our conference will receive a printed program the day of the conference.

We are offering advertising space in the printed program. Seize this opportunity to:

  • Showcase your business or organization  
  • Advertise your products and services 
  • Acknowledge club members and recognize their achievements 
  • Promote your Toastmasters club


  • Business Card Size: $25 (3.5″w  X  2″h)
  • Quarter Page Size: $45 (3.625″w  X 4.75″h)
  • Half Page: $75 (7.5″w  X  5″h  -OR-  3.625″w  X  10″h)
  • Full Page: $145 (7.5″w  X  10″h)
  • Full-Page Color: $200(7.5″w  X  10″h)

All ads will be printed in black and white. Color pages reserved for covers.

Ads and payments must be submitted by APRIL 20, 2019.

To secure program ad space, please contact Randall Klein at or 925-674-3680.