2021-2022 District Leadership

If you would like to join the District 57 Leadership in the Toastmasters year, July 1, 2021, through June 30, 2022, please email George@d57tm.org.  We are building an exciting team where you can find your voice, make a difference, and have a lot of fun achieving your goals.

    Position Person Email Address
    District Director George Marshall George@d57tm.org
    Program Quality Director Carolyn Douglas Carolyn@D57tm.org
    Club Growth Director Ed Cullen Ed@d57tm.org
    Public Relations Manager Nancy Moscardini  News@d57tm.org
    TLI Dean   tli.dean@d57tm.org
    Administrative Manager Tracey Stuart  
    Logistics Manager    
    Finance Director Michelle Toney finance@D57tm.org
    Division A Director Teresa Smith  
    Division B Director Joann Bradley  
    Division C Director Eliott Rodgers  
    Division D Director Tong Yin  
    Division E Director    
    Division F Director Winnie Ma  
    Division G Director Mark Salcido  
    Division H Director Lisa Ash  
    Division I Director Sherry Hsu  
Div Area Position Candidate  
A 1 Area Director Christian Dean  
A 2 Area Director Jubilee Hardwick  
A 22 Area Director Meredith White  
A   Newsletter Editor    
B 7 Area Director Sharica Jackson  
B 17 Area Director Darsh Bhutra  
B 21 Area Director Sal Tulah  
B 27 Area Director Duane Leem  
C 8 Area Director Dan Ryken  
C 9 Area Director Andy Rader  
C 24 Area Director    
D 3 Area Director Robert Crosbie  
D 12 Area Director Rebekah Fernandez  
D 14 Area Director Clayton Crowe  
D 26 Area Director Derek Pham  
D 30 Area Director Linda Patten  
E 4 Area Director Kiran Yella  
E 15 Area Director    
E 18 Area Director Subhash S. Kale  
E 23 Area Director Elleora Svoboda  
F 6 Area Director Valerie Alesna  
F 16 Area Director    
F 20 Area Director Trish Johnston  
F 32 Area Director Arash Mazaheri  
G 10 Area Director Debbie Wiener  
G 25 Area Director Bertie Chen  
G 31 Area Director Randy Casarez  
H 5 Area Director Sujatha Iyer  
H 19 Area Director Sriharsha Naidu  
H 28 Area Director Cynthia De Leon  
H 34 Area Director Shalini Suravarjjala  
I 13 Area Director Rick Arellano  
I 29 Area Director Gwen Hsu  
I 33 Area Director    
I 35 Area Director Gaganbir Kaur  
I 13 Assistant Area Director    
I 35 Assistant Area Director    
    MasterClass Chair    
    Speakers Bureau Chair    
    Newsletter Editor Sheila Steinberg Aceves club-newsletter@d57tm.org
    Awards Chair Kris Chockalingam  
    Pathways Chair    
    Corp Program Chair    
    Open House Chair Lindy Sinclair openhouse@d57tm.org
    Club Extension Chair Sally Philbin philbintm@gmail.com
    Club Coach Chair

Club Ambassador Chair


Bill Holsey

    Tech Host Chair David Dai  
    Conference Chair    
    Contest Chair    
    Chief Judge    
    Train the trainer    
    Youth Leadership/Gavel Chair  Shalini Suravarjjala  
    Podcast Chair    
    HPL/DTM Chair

OATM Chair



    TLI Dean