Launch of D57 Awards and Incentives Software Application

  November 12, 2022 MEMORANDUM TO: Club Presidents, Vice Presidents of Education, and Treasurers. SUBJECT: Launch of D57 Awards and Incentives Software Application Dear District Leaders and Club Officers: This year we will be using a new software application to manage our Awards and Incentives Program in District 57.  The Volunteer Incentive Management System (VIMS)…

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Member/Club Awards/Incentives Submission Training Sessions

What is this about? The new Volunteer Incentive Management Software (VIMS) is here to improve awards/incentives submitting, tracking, and approving experience of Members, Club Officers, and District Officers.   At this training session you will: Learn why District 57 Toastmasters launched the VIMS system Learn how to login to the VIMS system Learn how to…

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District Bucks Questions and Answers


1. What is District Bucks?
District Bucks is an account that the district runs for your Club. Every time the Club wins an incentive, the money goes into the Club’s District Bucks account. This system will allow you to make bigger purchases than you could before. 
2. Why did we need to create it?
Before the COVID-19 pandemic, money awards would be used to help pay for food and other meeting expenses. Even though the pandemic is easing with hybrid meetings, we want to encourage open houses, club excellence and club growth with awards.
3. What can Clubs buy?
Anything that helps the Club Mission and promote the Clubs’ growth. Such as, projectors, cameras, microphones, ribbons, pins and other items the club needs to conduct business.
4. What can they not buy?
5. How do they redeem District Bucks?
When the club buys an item, they submit the expense receipt to the District Finance Manager. The item cost must be equal or less than the money accumulated in the club’s District Bucks account.
6. How long do District Bucks last?
Throughout the year but before June 30, 2022.
7. How can I check how many bucks I’ve earned?
A spreadsheet will be available online for all Club.
8. ??? what else?
Details of the District Bucks program are available on the District 57 Club Awards/Incentives and Member Incentives/Recognition Web pages.

Change Log

Date Description Who
XX NOV 2022 Initial 2022 revision WKL
18 NOV 2022 VIMS and spreadsheet updates, link to Q&A WKL