Club Growth Incentive Award Winners

The need for Toastmasters’ service is everywhere. We all want to see more people served by the Toastmasters program. Here are the clubs who have achieved excellent in club growth from July 1 to October 15, 2017:

Early Dues Renewal Incentive Winners
Bear P.A.W.S.
Fountaingrove Club
Toast of Richmont Toastmasters Club
Star Search Club

100% Dues Renewal Incentive Winners
Afternoon TeleTalkers
California Maritime Academy TM Club
Danville AM Toastmasters Club
Dominican Toastmasters
East Bay Municipal Utility Dist Toastmasters Club
El Cerrito Toastmasters
Hunger Fighters
Lakeside Speakeasy Club
LaughLovers Comedy Club
Oakland Chamber Toastmasters
Oakland Hills Toastmasters Club
Oakland Uptown Toastmasters
Pleasanton Community Club
South Bay Toastmasters
Speakeasies Club
Star Search Club
Sun Valley Toastmasters Club
Sunrise Toastmasters
Talksics Toastmasters Club
Toastmasters on Campus Club
Voice of the Vikings
West County Toastmasters Club

Early & 100% Dues Renewal Incentive Winners
Chevron Refined Speakers

Congratulations on your accomplishments! Your Division and Area Directors will be in touch to distribute your incentive awards. Click to learn about other incentive programs and awards.