The Rewards of Club Officer Training

Congratulations to those who took on a club officer role this year to set their club up for success. The following clubs earned an incentive for having all 7 Officers trained at the Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) in July:

Word Weavers, Area B21
Oakland Uptown, Area D30
WaterGate, Area E18
Pleasanton Community, Area H19

The following clubs earned an incentive for having 4-6 Officers trained at TLI in July:

AAA Talkers, Area B7
Alameda Tongue Twisters, Area A22
ARPB, Area D30
Berkeley Communicators, Area E15
Bioradical, Area E4
California Maritime Academy, Area C8
Capitol Speakers, Area C8
Chamber Chatters, Area H34
Chevmasters, Area F32
City Speech, Area I33
Confidence Builders, Area B21
Creating Communicators, Area B27
Danville, Area F16
Demosthenes, Area D26
Diablo, Area B6
Downtown Berkeley, Area E15
EBMUD, Area D12
El Cerrito, Area E18
Emery Bay, Area E18
F.A.T , Area I33
Heart2Heart, Area D30
Lakeview Club, Area A3
Mare Island, Area C8
Microcentury, Area H5
Oakland 88, Area A3
Pittsburg Speakeasy, Area B27
Rockridge, Area A3
San Rafael Raconteurs, Area C9
Speakeasies, Area H28
Speakers Forum, Area H19
Speechmasters @ClubSport Pleasanton, Area H28
Stage Warriors, Area A1
Sunrise, Area B6
Telesarians, Area F20
Toast of Berkeley, Area E23
Toast of Richmond, Area E4
Toast on the Hill, Area E23
Toastmasters Leadership Club, Area D30
Union City, Area I13
Vision Masters, Area D14
Walnut Creek, Area B17

Congratulations on your accomplishments and dedication to club success! Your Division and Area Directors will be in touch to distribute your incentive awards. Click to learn about other incentive programs and awards.

Save the date! January’s Toastmasters Leadership Institute is on Saturday January 13, 2018.