Event Submission Best Practices

As a District Leader, you will organize several events throughout the year such as contests, training and conferences. Posting your event to the District 57 Calendar makes it easier to:

  • Promote your event to maximize attendance
  • Find volunteers to make your event a success 
  • Track who has registered and where to focus your efforts

How to Post your Event:

Visit https://d57tm.org/eventform/ to post your event to the District 57 Calendar. Each submission is manually entered onto the calendar after a volunteer has reviewed it and determined that enough information has been provided. Events are posted to the calendar every Sunday. After submitting your event, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to your event for review and any revisions. 

In order to ensure your Calendar Submissions are posted in a timely manner, please provide AS MUCH information about your event as possible. Click here for an example of a well-detailed event submission.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when filling out a Calendar Submission:

Is this a club-level event? Is this a non-Toastmasters event?

  • We do not post club-level events on the District 57 calendar.  Only Toastmasters-related events will be posted (i.e. speech contests, conferences, trainings, etc.. No exceptions.

Parking/Driving Directions:

  • Is it tricky to find this location? Are there signs to help the guest find the venue? Will they need a parking permit? Will there be a gate to get in? Do they need a code to enter the building? Can people reach this venue via public transportation? If so, how? Etc.
  • If you can provide a photo of the venue (preferably one showing the front of the building), that would be a great way to assist people in locating it.


  • Will there be food/refreshments at the event? Is it potluck style or will it be provided? Are people allowed to bring food? Are there options for vegans/vegetarians, etc.?


  • Do you need certain people at your event earlier than others to help set-up? Will everyone need to leave the venue by a specific time (i.e. the building closes)?  


Have more questions?:

  • Contact us at https://d57tm.org/contact-us/ with any questions about your event and the process to post and promote your event across the district.