“Leadership is not for me”

Like many of you, I joined Toastmasters at first to improve my communication skills.  I had no idea that I would be inviting you to volunteer, network and to lead– in Toastmasters.  

Here are the three things I’ve learned by volunteering:

  1. In this ever-changing world, you can and need to practice both your leadership skills and communication skills with Toastmasters
  2. You have paid for these opportunities to practice, and learn all elements of leadership within Toastmasters
  3. Ultimately, you don’t join Toastmasters because you want to be a better Toastmaster, but a better person doing something else.

Dr. Ralph Smedley established Toastmasters International because he saw a need for people to learn how to speak and conduct meetings, but also to plan programs and work on committees. These vital skills are more important than ever.  The first bit of good news: you are a Toastmaster already, and you have taken the first step to improve yourself!  You have completed speech projects and taken meeting roles.  All it takes for you is to say “Yes, I want to stretch even more of the balloon of my abilities!”

I invite you volunteer and grow at the Fall Conference!

It takes a village of Toastmasters to plan and produce a conference, just like planning a special event at your home club.  The Conference Co-Chairs work cooperatively with a team of committee chairs and their volunteers on education programs, logistics, contests, credentials for business meeting, check-in, decorations, the pre- and post-conference celebrations, and others to shape a successful conference.  More good news: Conference-planning is a short term, few month long project.  If you just want to help on site to get your feet wet, we would love to have you too!

Ultimately, there is no better, friendlier, cost-effective place to practice your communication and leadership skills yearlong at Toastmasters.  All you need to do is to say, “I want to be better at what I love to do.  I am the leader of my life.  Leadership is for me!”.

Contact me for your growth opportunities at the District 57 Fall Conference where we’ll all learn to dream BIG and be bold.

Wing Lok
Volunteer Coordination Chair
District 57 Toastmasters