Let’s speak on Happiness!

By Atifa Deshamukhya, 
Member, Leaders Worldwide, 

Let’s speak on Happiness! – The quest for a great speech invariably centers around great content. I look for ideas that inspire, and spread happiness.

 Happiness! Isn’t that everyone’s favorite word? What does happiness look like for you? What would you wish to be added/subtracted from you to feel happy? Check your answer. Is it something outside of you that you are waiting upon? If so, that’s precisely the reason why happiness feels elusive. The paradigm shift is to realize that everything that completes and fulfills us is within ourselves. We were born into joy. An infant knows no fear of the future or holds a grudge about the past. Can we reclaim that start of blissful presence?

 As adults we do need to plan ahead and also learn from past experiences. Let us not make that a roadblock in our natural state of joy. While treading through life, let us do the needful to the best of our ability, while preserving a sense of the innate joy. A belief in a larger order regulating this universe helps us in keeping this sense of tranquility. A daily practice of breath work is immensely helpful in restoring us to a mindful awareness of our innate joy. Let’s take the time to focus on the most essential aspect of life, the breath. Let’s take moments to breathe deeper, longer and plant a pause in between. Introspection into our own thoughts, allowing them to come and go and simply observing them- can also calm down the frantic activity of the mind that kills joy. This exercise can also be used to gently probe for our deepest values, which can align us to living a purposeful, and hence, joyful life.

 As we grow mature, happiness also needs some working out. Or, we risk being overwhelmed. Lets make our own list of evolving and achievable goals, and lead ourselves with self-monitoring. While gently taking account of ourselves, let’s not forget to reward ourselves for being just who we are! Each a unique persona, among the 8 billion inhabitants of earth. Also, Destruction is an important part of the Triad of life, along with Creation and Preservation. Time to time, we need to detox/ delete/ disengage from people/situations that constantly killjoy. To top it all, we need Love. Love that is the essence of Life, that is Overpoweringly beatific, Valuable beyond measure, and Eternal. Also, let’s not obsess only on one type of romantic love. As C S Lewis mentions in ‘The Four Loves’, bonds formed on Empathy, Friendship or unconditional feelings are equally worthy versions of Love that can add immense joy to our lives. So, let’s be happy and make the world a happy place. We are making good progress at Toastmasters!

Bio – Atifa Deshamukhya, MA, Dip-TD, CLC, a certified Life coach by profession. www.comeaspire.net