Meet the Keynote Speaker 2016


Rick Furbush, our Keynote Speaker, will inspire you with his keynote talk, Lessons Learned in the Game of Life. He will reveal 4 powerful lessons learned that have made all the difference in his life, as it can in yours.

You don’t want to miss this talk and the lessons you can take away for your own success! Rick will also do an informal presentation at the Friday Night Showcase.

Learn more about Rick Furbush by clicking here!


Rick has demonstrated innate leadership qualities throughout his life. In every group he has been involved with, he not only rose to the top of their leadership, but led them to remarkable Success.

Starting in sports, he led his High School team to their first ever, State Football Championship as their Quarterback. He led his Cornell University Football team for 3 years as their MVP Quarterback. As an Alumnus of both Cornell and Harvard he has been involved in leading their Alumni Associations to greater heights. As a Toastmaster he has led his District to unprecedented distinction. He is now the 2012-2013 Region Advisor for Toastmasters International.

He started speaking and giving seminars in the late 80’s working for Colors International, Toronto. He joined Toastmasters in 1989 and NSA in 1990. He was heavily involved with his Alma Mater, Cornell University helping develop the Alumni Organizations which he led, and in 2006 he took on his leadership roles with Toastmasters International.

He has delivered Keynote Addresses and Workshops for Organizations such as Shriners international, Colors International, Toastmasters International, Cornell Alumni Assoc., Harvard Alumni Assoc., to name a few.

Besides his Keynote addresses, he also delivers workshops on Leadership – “The Leadership Formula” and on Communications – “Find Your Voice and Make a Difference.”