The Pathways Treasure Map

By Lindy Sinclair, 
DTM4 “Pathways Promoter”

Pathways – the educational system  We all like to grumble about!! Yes, it’s not perfect but it does have alot to offer AND District 57 and I are sweetening the pot a little too. There will be a Toastmasters navy tote bag filled with goodies that you could earn by just completing your FIRST LEVEL ONE or by PURCHASING A PATHWAYS PATH. // First Level  Take a screenshot (photo) of the “Congratulations” screen when you complete your Level 1. Send that picture to your Area Director, along with your name, club name and Path name by December 10, 2023. Area Directors will forward to me for final approval by December 15, 2023. Let the VP-Education in your club know that you have completed a Level 1, so they can approve it by December 10, 2023.

View the Pathways Treasure Map Slide Show HERE