What can’t I get Reimbursed?

Here is the policy from TI on reimbursable expenses:

The District is no longer permitted to purchase or reimburse 3rd part gift cards as gifts or incentives. The policy and protocol follows:

  • Protocol 8.4, section 8: “Toastmasters International’s nonprofit, tax-exempt status depends upon devoting the organization’s resources to its educational and charitable mission. Districts periodically incur non-routine expenses that must be appropriately managed to preserve this status.

Expenses that are essentially personal gifts must provide no more than “incidental private benefit” and must have a reasonable relationship to activities that directly support the mission. Examples are tokens of appreciation, expressions of sympathy and modest incentives. These items are appropriate if they promote goodwill and a positive atmosphere for the delivery of the Toastmasters program, but must never be lavish or excessive. Cash and cash equivalents, including but not limited to non-Toastmasters gift certificates, gift cards, or any other stored-value products, are not permitted.”