Business Meeting

Spring Conference District Council

The District Council is comprised of District Executive Leadership, Division Directors, Area Directors, Club Presidents (or their proxy) and Vice Presidents of Education (or their proxy). District 57 Toastmasters holds two District Council Meetings each year. They are listed in the conference agendas as Business Meetings. At these meetings, we make decisions affecting every club and member in our District. We consider and vote on items such as:

  • Approving the District Success Plan
  • Approving budgets
  • Electing district officers
  • Changing district procedures and bylaws
  • Re-aligning clubs
  • And much more

Ensuring we achieve quorum and have your voices heard is critical to the success of our members. Here are easy steps and resources to ensure a successful business meeting:

  1. Register to attend the entire Conference on May 5th (paid registration) or to attend just the business meeting (free registration). Check-in at the Credentials desk in the morning on arrival.
  2. Unable to attend on May 5, 2018 in Vallejo? Assign a proxy to attend on your behalf. You can assign any member in your club or a District Officer to hold your proxy. To assign a proxy, download and complete this proxy form. The person taking your place should bring the completed form to the Conference credentials desk. 
  3. Review the agenda, past-minutes for approval, committee reports and other exhibits to be presented (to be published here ahead of the conference)
  4. Any questions? Contact and we will answer them promptly. 

We look forward to seeing you at the Spring Conference Business meeting.