Guides, Reports and Tools for District Officers

Area, Division and District Officers have various tools of the trade, reports and dashboards to support their work guiding our clubs and members.


Area Director Visit Handbook

Please take a look at this Toastmasters guide, which will walk you through most of what you need to know about performing Area Visits.

Remember these 3 things before, during and after your visits:

  • Listen and ask questions rather than telling Club Officers what they should be doing. Building a positive relationship with your team will be critical to your success.
  • When you visit, get on the speaking schedule (if the club has availability) and ask what the club would like you to speak about. The District will provide suggested talking points through the year.
  • Area Visit Reports that you submit are read by Club Presidents and VP’s of Education. If you wouldn’t tell or email it to them, don’t put it in the visit report!


Zoom for Video, Web and Phone Conference for DECM, Area Council’s etc. 

We offer District Leaders a video, web and phone conference tool, Zoom, to organize events, training, conferences and run Area and Division Council meetings. Learn more and request a Zoom meeting at

Find time to schedule calls/meetings

We recommend tools like Doodle at to gather the days/times multiple people may be free to setup a call/meeting.

Contest Toolkits and Resources

Find guides on organizing a contest, scripts, judges briefings and more at

Submit your Events to our District Calendar

Whether you are hosting an Area Contest, TLI, Train the Trainer, make-up club officer training or more, you can find the event or submit it to our calendar at

Forms and paperwork

You’ll find everything from vouchers for reimbursement to our District PowerPoint template for training and DECM on our Forms page at

Event Registration and Tracking

Our District uses our calendar and Eventbrite to track event registrations and payments. Contact the Public Relations Manager to setup or manage any District events like make-up training, TLI, train the trainer and more.

Email Newsletters and Campaigns

Our District uses Mailchimp to send District emails and newsletters to members and club officers.

District 57 alignment between divisions, 3/13/2023 Map from George Marshall


  • You can zoom in and out etc like any other Google map.
  • In the block on the left, you can show/hide any division or combination of divisions.  This can be very helpful when the realignment team is trying to decide whether to realign a club into another area or division, just turn off all the other divisions to reduce map clutter.
  • Clicking on any club icon brings up a window with information on the club, including the base and current membership as of 3/12/2023.


  1. A few pairs of clubs meet at the same address. I have tried to put their map icons far enough apart that you can tell there are two clubs, but you may need to zoom way in.
  2. Stagecoach Speakers Transformers, A1, lists a Virginia address, since the club is actually spread across the U.S. I put its icon in the Bay, as a reminder that its remote.
  3. Many clubs meet online, so technically don’t have a physical address.  I used their last known physical meeting place.


Reports and Dashboards

Track club dues renewals

Dues are due October 1 and April 1 of every year. Ensure your clubs submit 8 or more dues/renewals before the deadline September deadline to earn DCP credit for the current Toastmasters year.

Track Club Officer list submission

Ensure your clubs submit their annual club officer list before June 30 to earn DCP credit for the following Toastmasters year. Clubs should plan to elect their officers by the Spring Conference to attend the Spring Toastmasters Leadership institute. The list is submitted on by Club Central, typically by the Club Secretary.

Track Area Director Club Visit Submission

Use the Toastmasters Dashboard at to track which Area Directors have submitted a visit report for which club.

Geographic Mapping of Clubs

Want to see where your clubs are located on a map? Find your club here at Toastmasters Find a Club, (updated daily).

Track Club DCP Progress

Use the Toastmasters Dashboard at to see how your clubs are progressing towards their Distinguished Club Program goals. Drill into each club to track their individual progress.

Track Division and Area Distinguished Progress

Use the Toastmasters Dashboard at to see how your Area or Division is progressing towards your Distinguished Area or Division goals.

Learn more about the District Recognition Program here.

George Marshall’s TM Tools

Built and managed by District 57’s very own George Marshall, TM Tools at offers a variety of reports and search functions to learn more about your clubs, areas, divisions and district.