Club Growth Digital Marketing Assessment


Is your club contact information reported on Find-A-Club current? yes/no

Search on the Find a Club link at the top of

If yes, congratulations!

If no, then if you are a club officer follow this link to update: go to -> login -> leadership central ->club central -> go to club contact information. Ensure that all the club contact information points to a current officer.  If you are not currently an officer in your club contact any of your seven officers to make this change.

Returning to Find-A-Club for a moment, would someone answer the phone number that is there or is it a remnant of a former time? y/n

If yes, congratulations!

If no, then follow the path outlined above to update: go to -> login -> leadership central ->club central -> go to club contact information. Input a phone number that is current.

Does your club have a website listed on Find-A-Club?

If yes, congratulations! See the next question and/or consider how to improve your current site.  If you are using Free Toast Host, login as admin, click on the left to launch Admin Console, in the drop down menu Website Settings select Email and Contact Settings, review all tabs to be sure they are current, pay special attention to the Contact Form to make sure the correct people are receiving emails.  You can also create an alias here that includes the Club Pathways trio of President, Vice President of Education, and Secretary.  Then test these emails to make sure that the proper people are receiving email from the contact form addresses.

If no, request a website from here

Does your website list that you are currently meeting online? y/n

If no, announce that you are currently meeting online so that potential guests know they can join you from their homes.  This is easy, have someone login as the admin user, have them create a headline saying, “we now meet online contact us for a Zoom meeting link,” or equivalent phrasing in large bold font.

If your website lists that you currently meet online, how do potential guests find the Zoom (or other) link to your meeting?

Is there information on how to get the link? y/n

Is the Zoom (or other) link posted? (Note: It is not recommended to post the Zoom link widely to the public)  y/n

Is there a clear email address or other clear instructions to get the link? y/n  If yes, how quick is your club’s response to a request?

Does your club have a Facebook page? y/n

If yes, ask all club members to Like and Follow the Facebook page as well as share events and post impressions of  their Toastmasters club on their own wall.

If yes, does your club keep the Facebook page updated with special events like Open Houses? y/n

If yes, is your club Facebook page updated about weekly meetings? y/n

If yes, is your club’s Facebook page updated with general information like speaking tips and tricks? Leadership opportunities? Other value added items? y/n

If yes, frequently check for messages from potential or possible guests.  Try to set up a message auto-response where you can include the Zoom (or other) link to your meetings.

If yes, try joining the Toastmasters online group on Facebook where you can invite people from around the world to be your guests.

Does your club use MeetUp? Is it customized to your club’s special characteristics? Are special events (like an Open House) announced? Is it updated periodically? Does it reflect what makes your club special? y/n

If you do not customize your MeetUp try adding in special events.  Also encourage your club members to respond since MeetUp will recommend your club to others based on its popularity.

Does your club have an Instagram account? y/n

Does your club have a Twitter presence? y/n

Does you club have a LinkedIn group page? Do individual members talk about your club on their LinkedIn pages (if any)? y/n

If yes, here are a couple of worthwhile links for your LinkedIn users to visit:

Toastmasters International at:

District 57:

Has anyone in your club talked up your club or an Open House on NextDoor?  y/n


Does your club sponsor a Youth Leadership Program? 

If so, you might explore Snap Chat, Tik Tok, Reels, and other youth oriented media both to promote your club to graduates of your YLP.

Do you know what Yelp says about your club? y/n