Meetup to Grow your Club

Meetup is subsidized by District 57 Toastmasters to help members of the public learn more about Toastmasters and how we can help them meet their educational goals. Clubs can take advantage of Meetup to attract guests and grow their membership.

Want to get your club on Meetup? Fill in the club intake form at and someone will contact you with next steps. Clubs must meet at least 3 of the 4 following criteria to be accepted onto Meetup at this time:

  • 12 or more members (if less, need to meet all 3 of the following criteria).
  • People and processes in place to warmly welcome guests and ensure they have a great experience and want to come back.
  • An informative guest packet to take home, learn more about Toastmasters and your club.
  • Processes in place to follow-up with every guest, to welcome them back and ask them to join.

Ready to get started on Meetup? Here is a series of videos recorded by Dr. Michelle Peticolas highlighting how you can take advantage of this District tool to attract guests and grow your club.


Learn what Meetup is, why it matters in Toastmasters and how to create an account in this video:


Successful Toastmaster Meetups have active members. Learn in this video how to RSVP to your club’s Meetup event and how to invite others to join you by email and social media.


There are many Meetup groups across District 57 Toastmasters. Discover how you can promote and separate your club’s Meetup from the rest with photographs and comments highlighting each unique meeting in the video below.


In Toastmasters we reach our educational goals and build relationships. Learn how to build relationships and visibility of your Meetup event after each club meeting in this video.


Are you an Event Host for your club’s regularly scheduled Meetup event? Learn how to update your event description to highlight why your club is epic, manage attendees and contact members to maximize attendance in the video below.


Are you a VP Public Relations or Club Officer? Learn what tools are available to update the day, time and location your club meets. You’ll also learn how to maximize attendance at your weekly meetings and special events like speech contests, guest speaker events and open houses in the video below.