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in-memory-of-dr-ralph-c-smedleyIn 1924, Dr. Ralph C. Smedley had a dream – to help people improve their communication and leadership skills in a friendly, non-threatening environment. That dream remains alive today throughout the world, as members of Toastmasters clubs everywhere are benefiting from the program. One constant that has been evident over the years is the need for clubs to operate continuously at “charter strength” – 20 or more members. Only then will the club reach its potential, and be most beneficial to its members. Because of attrition, each club must have a constant influx of new members. The need for Toastmasters’ service is everywhere. We all want to see more people served by the Toastmasters program. Most of us are eager to seize any chance we get to put the talents and techniques we are developing to use – but there are selfish reasons for wanting growth as well. With more members we gain

  • Better club programs; more variety, experiences, and resources to draw upon and enrich the entire program 
  • Depth of club leadership 
  • Greater representation of Toastmasters throughout your community or organization 
  • Greater financial resources for club programming and projects 
  • More people served and helped by Toastmasters’ programs 
  • More enthusiasm at club meetings

Growth Factors

growthIn the long run, the growth of your club depends on six factors:

  1. Effective club meetings that make Toastmasters worthwhile for new and veteran members alike
  2. Continuous promotion of Toastmasters throughout your community or organization
  3. Use of proven “sales” techniques to develop guests from prospects and members from guests
  4. Retention of current members
  5. Competition within the club, area, division, and district
  6. Recognition of those Toastmasters who go out of their way to sponsor new members and make other contributions to the club’s overall strength

Take all these factors into account when preparing for membership growth. Clubs from all over the world have given the ideas on which this manual is based. Not all of them, of course, will apply to your situation. You will, however, find plenty to choose from.

Helpful Resources

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Questions? Contact the Club Growth Director at

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