Specialty Clubs

District 57 has several specialty clubs and activities that focus on specific areas of interest to Toastmasters. Specialty clubs generally require that members achieve a Competent Communicator award to become eligible, but check with the individual clubs for their specific membership criteria.

LaughLovers, the Cantu Comedy Club

Learn from guest comedians, humorists & entertainers
Add humor to your presentations
Use your humorous material effectively
Grow from immediate, high-level feedback
Hone comedic timing and “Improv” skills
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Leadership Club

Several of the past and present District 57 Officers are members of this club.

  • If you are interested in Leadership, this is an ideal club for you
  • If you are working as an Area or Division Director, you will find members here who can assist you
  • If you plan on presenting or chairing at a District Conference, you will find members who have tackled that challenge

Everyone is very willing to pass along knowledge.

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Speakers Forum

If you want to make a giant leap in your speaking skills, check out Speakers Forum.  We help good speakers become great by providing a unique format, designed to help members improve.  

Speakers Forum specializes in around-the room feedback, designed to give the speaker insights from everyone, not just one evaluator.  With our many experienced members, you will quickly gain insights to improve your talks.
Membership requirement: member has completed a CC or Levels 1-3 in Pathways.

Other features not found in most “regular” clubs:

  • Longer speeches allowed
  • Feedback on Topic development
  • Professional skills development
  • Many highly experienced members to help you

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Tales & Tellers

All of us have different strengths and weaknesses in storytelling. What are yours? Do you wish a fairy godmother would suddenly appear and magically wave away those pesky nervous tics or endow you with a fabulous vocal instrument?

Unfortunately, no fairy godmother was available, but Tales & Tellers Toastmasters is a great venue to hear accomplished speakers, to practice storytelling, and to learn from excellent technical presentations that focus on a different storytelling skill set.

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Toastmaster Time TV

Toastmaster Time TV, the district’s television show, gives D57 members the chance to speak on television in a real TV studio. The show gives members the chance to hone their skills in a very different environment. Speak on Toastmaster Time TV to build experience by speaking to a camera! While it may sound challenging, our guest speakers are always happy with their experience.
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Heart2Heart Toastmasters

This Toastmasters club explores  communication between relationships of all kinds. If you are in ANY relationship (relatives, friends, romance, co-workers, etc.), then you are invited to learn and share what you know about communicating with the opposite sex.
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