High Performance Leadership (HPL) Project for Area and Division Directors

The High Performance Leadership (HPL) project is designed to give the leader a chance to put into practice the skills needed for leadership. It shows the leader where s/he lies in the spectrum of leadership skills, gives a leader to put these skills into practice and get feedback on how to improve these skills throughout the year .

Below is the process for Area and Division Directors to complete an HPL project during their term:

  1. Commit to the District Director your intention to commit to do an HPL Project by October 5, 2019.
  2. Purchase your HPL materials at https://www.toastmasters.org/shop/262–High-Performance-Leadership
  3. Recruit atleast 1 DTM to your guidance committee.
  4. Create a success plan by October 18, 2019 to become a “Presidents Distinguished” Area/Division (see here to find out what it takes to become Presidents Distinguished)
  5. Hold a minimum of 3 Area/Division council meetings throughout the term, conducting your first meeting by November 30, 2019 (Your Council is a key member of your team).
  6. Recruit your successor by January 15, 2020.
  7. Coordinate submission of your HPL in June 2020 with the District Director.