Getting Reimbursement from District Bucks

  • See this video for the latest word on District Bucks [ Aug 30, 2020 ]
  • Do you have questions about the District Bucks Program? Answers here
  • See the District Bucks status spreadsheet here to see what your club has earned in the District Bucks program.  The spreadsheet updates vary.
  • Have a question about gift cards and why they are no longer your go to gift?  See a video here
  • Request a Concur account (see Questionnaire)
  • Log in to Concur
  • Create a new report (within 30 days of the expense)
  • Be as complete as possible

Change Log

Date Description Who
12 NOV 2022 Initial PY 2022-23 update with VIMS update WKL
14 JAN 2023 Update District Bucks Q&A link WKL
01 MAR 2023 Added Concur training presentation created by William Wilson WKL