District Executive Committee Meeting (DECM)

The District Executive Council Meeting (DECM) is a monthly meeting in which District Officers and members of District committees discuss club, area, division and district goals as well as conduct other district business and obtain leadership training that can help them in their roles.

The district executive committee includes the district director, program quality director, club growth director, public relations manager, district administration manager, district finance manager, division directors, area directors and immediate past district director. Apart from these leadership roles, only individuals who are invited by the district director and have specific business before the committee may attend district executive committee meetings. 

You can check the calendar for upcoming dates and it’s currently held virtually via Zoom.

Formerly it was held at Lafayette Library in community room adjacent to library (3491 Mt. Diablo Blvd, Ste 214, Lafayette, Calif.) at the Community Conference Center.  DON’T GO THERE until we are again safe to meet in person.  Stay tuned (and attend DEC meetings via Zoom) to hear when and where we will meet in person.

DECM Logistics

  • Presenting at DECM? Please use this enhanced District 57 Toastmasters PowerPoint template.
  • When we again can attend in person, have we thought about Division G? Of course we did!  A notice of the live video stream of DECM will emailed to those in Divsion G 1 week before DECM by email.
  • To save meeting minutes and presentations to your computer: right click on the document in the above window and select “Save as…” or right click on one of the links below and select “Save as link …”

DECM Minutes And Presentations, from the past

2018 May

2018 April

2018 March

2018 February

2017 December:

2017 October:

2017 September:

2017 August:


DECM Minutes, 2016-2017

2017 June Minutes

2017 May Spring Conference Business Meeting Minutes

2017 April Minutes

2017 March Minutes

2017 February Minutes

2016 December Minutes

2016 October Minutes

2016 September Minutes

2016 August Minutes

2016 July Minutes

DECM Minutes, 2015-2016

2016 April DECM Minutes

2016 March DECM Minutes

2016 February DECM Minutes

2016 January DECM Minutes

2015 December DECM Minutes

2015 November Fall Conference Business Meeting

2015 October DECM Minutes

2015 September DECM Minutes

2015 September Youth Leadership Program (YLP) slides

2015 August DECM Minutes

2015 July DECM Minutes

How is the District Council Meeting Different?

The District Council is comprised of District Executive Leadership, Area Directors, Division Directors, Club Presidents (or their proxy) and Vice Presidents of Education (or their proxy). District 57 holds two District Council Meetings (DCM) each year. These are often listed in the conference agendas as Business Meetings. At these meetings, we make decisions affecting the whole District and every single club within it. We consider and vote on items such as:

  • Approving the District Success Plan
  • Approving budgets
  • Electing district officers
  • Changing district procedures and bylaws
  • Re-aligning clubs
  • And much more

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