2021-2022 Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame 2021-2022

The Hall of Fame recognizes the accomplishments of our members and clubs throughout the year. Awards and accolades include:

  • District Speech Contest Winners
  • Distinguished Toastmasters
  • Triple Crown Awards
  • Outstanding Achievement in Toastmasters Awards (OATM)
  • Club Officers of the Year 
  • Distinguished Clubs 
  • Area Director of the Year
  • Division Director of the Year
  • Toastmaster of the Year

** Page will be updated closer to the end of the term. 

International Speech Contests:

1st place Jackie Tweedie The Diablo Champagne Breakfast Club
2nd place  Ray Engan Toast of Petaluma
3rd place  Alexey Morov Danville Toastmasters Club

Evaluation Contest

1st place Kat Paz

South Bay Toastmasters

2nd place  Terri Boudreaux      Ukiah Toastmasters
3rd place  Jackie Tweedie  The Diablo Champagne Breakfast Club 

Triple Crown


Erik Anderson
Rick Arellano
Kimi Avary


Joann C. Bradley
David R. Blum
Mary Bustamante


Bertie C
David Lazcano Castillo
Timothy Carlisle
Krishna  Chockalingam
Kristen Clopton
Edward M. Cullen


Abraham Daniels
Liesl Anne Dittrich
Carolyn Douglas




George Fernandez
Bryce Foster


Seema Giri


Curt Hayashida
Charles W Herron
William Holsey


Sherry Jensen



Amit Kamble


Jackson Lane
Jay Ligda
Evelyn V. Lee
Jean Tran Nhu Luong


Winnie Ma
Akinwunmi K. McKinzie
Alexey Morov
Nancy Moscardini
Arunavaa Mukherjee


Venkatesan Narayanan




Janet M. Pang 
Linda Patten
Michelle Peticolas
Kurt Philipsen



Praveena V Raman
Melissa Renteria


Tao Shu
Robert L. Smith
Teresa Smith
Linda Stewart
Cynthia S. Stott
Elleora Svoboda


Steve Taddei
Qun Tang
Jerreau Taylor
Pamela Thompson



Janet Elizabeth Voss


Deborah Wiener



Roger Yu



Club Ambassadors
Top Ambassador
Cynthia Deleon, Speakeasies (Club Ambassador of the Year)

Zhu Fu, Tri-Valley Toastmasters
Rebekah Fernandez, Oakland City Center 
Saurabh Tailang, Talk and Thrive 
David Lazcano, Andeesheh 



Chiye Azuma, East Bay Toastmasters
Aki McKinzie, East Bay Toastmasters
Linda Patten,   Leaders WorldWide TMC
Michelle Peticolas,Heart2Heart Toastmasters Club
Teresa Smith, GenoMasters  Toastmasters
Winnie Ma, Toastmasters  leadership club
Nancy Moscardini Talk and Thrive Toastmasters
Praveena Raman, City Speech Toastmasters
Cynthia Stott – Leaders Worldwide


Winnie Ma
Linda  Patten
Giri Seema

Club Awards:

Distinguished Clubs
Noon Toastmasters Club
Oakland Uptown Toastmasters
Watergate Toastmasters

Select Distinguished

City Speech Toastmasters
Diablo Champagne Breakfast Club
Fountaingrove Club
Newark Toastmasters Club
Pleasanton Community Club
Southern Marin Toastmasters Club
Tenacious Talkers Club

President Distinguished

Bioradical Toastmasters Club
Citizens for Better Communicators Club
East Bay Toastmasters Club
El Cerrito Toastmasters
F.A.T Toastmasters club
Leaders Worldwide
Talk and Thrive
Toast Tronic
Star Search Club
Walnut Creek Toastmasters Club


Newsletter Contest 

East Bay Toastmasters 1st place
Toast Tronic 2nd place
Star Search Toastmasters 3rd place
The Confident Communicator Most Improved

This is the list of competing clubs that submitted all of the required issues, along with the names of the editors.

Capitol Speakers: Larry J. Miller Toastmasters2080@gmail.com
Chamber Chatters: Viveca Hubbard vivecahubbard@gmail.com
Star Search Toastmasters: Puja Sinha puja.sinha@gmail.com
East Bay Toastmasters: Chiye Azuma chiye@cazuma.com
Confident Communicators Jennifer Su tonyjenny98@sbcglobal.net
Toast Tronic: Melissa Renteria melissa.renteria@medtronic.com


Club Officers of the Year:

Area Director of the Year:

Division Director of the Year:

Club Officers of the Year:

Toastmaster of the Year: