2021-2022 Open House Incentives

Open House Incentives!
Open house Flyer

Clubs will be eligible if they submit the first 4 of the following items within 40 days of their open house that had at least 3 guests:

  1. Online flier (with the words Open House and the date on it), indicating on which social media sites it was placed.  You can find a flier template here: https://www.toastmasters.org/resources/open-house-flier 
  1. Agenda (with the words Open House and the date on it).
  1. Screenshot, noting which people are the 3 or more guests and which are the members.  (Remember to ask for everyone’s agreement before taking the screenshot).
  1. A statement that the club has contact information for all guests.  
  1. For guests who become members, send their NAME. MEMBER NUMBER and your CLUB # as well.

Learn more here: Incentives: 


Can I get Pathways credit for an Open House?
Yes you can!

Any member can suggest holding an Open House.  When you present that idea to your club, you could use Present a Proposal (Level 3 in Innovative Planning).  

As you guide your club to create the event, you may want to use Understanding your Leadership Style (Level 2 in many Paths)

On the day of the Open House, you could use Manage Online Meetings (Level 4 in most Paths)

These are not the only Pathways projects that can be combined with Open Houses, so check out the Pathways Paths and Projects catalog on this website under the Member Resources tab/Pathways Learning Zone.

For additional ideas, contact your Open House Chair, Lindy Sinclair, DTM4 at openhouse@d57tm.org