2023-2024 District 57 Leadership

We are happy to announce the 2023-2024 District 57 Toastmasters leadership team.

Interested to join the District 57 Leadership Team?  Contact District Director Ed Cullen at ed@d57tm.org

    Position Person Email Address
    District Director (DD) Ed Cullen ed@d57tm.org
    Program Quality Director (PQD) Sally Philbin sally@d57tm.org
    Club Growth Director (CGD) Linda Patten linda@d57tm.org
    Administrative Manager    
    Finance Manager (Interim)    
    Public Relations Manager (PRM) Eliott Rodgers ejrodgers.toastmasters@gmail.com
    Logistics Manager^^^ *VACANT*  
    Division Directors – 2022-23 to be updated   division.directors@d57tm.org
    Division A Director Jubilee Hardwick jhardwick@illumina.com
    Division B Director Duane Leem duane@leemfamily.com
    Division C Director Deborah Wiener dwiener@quickscrews.com
    Division D Director Robert Crosbie robertscrosbie@gmail.com
    Division E Director Clayton Crowe Clayton.crowe1@gmail.com
    Division F Director Sharon Brown healthylife.brown@gmail.com
    Division G Director Linda Patten linda@d57tm.org
    Division H Director Cynthia DeLeon actdeleon@gmail.com
    Division I Director Venkat Raman venkat@ramancopywriting.com
Div Area Area Directors   area.directors@d57tm.org
A 1 Area Director Paul Escobar pescobar@gmail.com
A 2 Area Director Jeff Levine docjeffpresents@gmail.com 
A 22 Area Director Sheena Aguilar shenaglar56@gmail.com
B 7 Area Director Daniel Zhu dzhu2332@gmail.com
B 21 Area Director Mike Pruett mikepruett01@gmail.com
B 27 Area Director Darsh Bhutra bhutradarsh@gmail.com
C 8 Area Director Mary Bustamante maryteaches707@gmail.com
C 9 Area Director Jim Kohl III jkohl3rd@gmail.com
C 24 Area Director Sheridith Maresh sheriditthm@att.net
D 3 Area Director Megan Pratt meganellynpratt@gmail.com
D 12 Area Director Christine Scrivani cscrivani@aol.com
D 14 Area Director Salahuddin (Sal) Tulah saltulah@gmail.com
D 26 Area Director David Lazcano Castillo Jazcanodavid65@gmail com
D 30 Area Director Karen Davis kksturf2@gmail.com
E 4 Area Director Sankar Narayanan Sankar Narayanan@bio-rad.com
E 18 Area Director Susan J. Colborn susanjcolborn@gmail.com
E 23 Area Director *Vacant – your HPL?*  
F 6 Area Director Susan Louise Skiff rosebudnp@att.net
F 16 Area Director Arti Kapoor newpeakscoaching@gmail.com
F 20 Area Director Brigitte Mensah sab_brigitte@hotmail.com
F 32 Area Director Jonathan Lee Vaughn lee.vaughn@pge.com
G 10 Area Director Linda Patten linda@d57tm.org
G 25 Area Director Linda Patten linda@d57tm.org
G 31 Area Director Linda Patten linda@d57tm.org
H 19 Area Director Chalise Carlson chalisecarlson@gmail.com
H 28 Area Director Kartik Bhatia kartik.bhatia@gmail.com
H 34 Area Director Saurabh Tailang saurabh.tailang@yahoo.com
I 13 Area Director Amit Kamble vdk.amit@gmail.com
I 29 Area Director Luzma Flores luzma562003@gmail.com
I 35 Area Director Qun Tang guntang2005@gmail.com
  ^^^ Logistics Manager is not a District Officer position as defined for the purpose of the Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) award
    Committee Chairs working with Program Quality Director
    Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) Dean Dennis Dawson  
    Tech Host Chair David Dai daviddai1971@gmail.com
    Conference Chair *Vacant – your HPL?*  
    District Contest Co-Chair Deborah Wiener dwiener@quickscrews.com
    District Contest Co-Chair Eliott J. Rodgers ejrodgers.toastmasters@gmail.com
    District Chief Judge Hans E. Thoma hthoma@hotmail.com
    District Leadership Chair Michael Osur mosur@toastmasters.org
    Zoom Master David Dai daviddai1971@gmail.com
    Google (including YouTube) Master David Dai daviddai1971@gmail.com
    High Performance Leadership/Distinguish Toastmaster (HPL/DTM) Chair Merci Del Rosario merci.delrosario@gmail.com
    Realignment Chair Kate Mills  
    Pathways Chair Anne Pruett  
    Youth Leadership/Gavel Chair  *Vacant – your HPL?*  
    MasterClass Chair *Vacant – your HPL?*  
    Speakers Bureau Chair Gary McKinsey  
    Train-the-Trainer Chair *Vacant – your HPL?*  
    Committee Chairs working with Club Growth Director
    Awards & Incentives Chair (including Outstanding Achievement Toastmaster (OATM) Award) Winnie Ma  
    Corporate Program Chair Cynthia Yea  
    Community Club Chair Deborah Wiener dwiener@quickscrews.com
    Open House Chair Maureen Filler openhouse@d57tm.org
    Club Extension Chair Julie Garrett  
    Club Coach Chair Merci del Rosario merci.delrosario@gmail.com
    Club Ambassador Chair Pankaj Vij
    Club Growth Publicity/Resource Chair Eliott J. Rodgers ejrodgers.toastmasters@gmail.com
    Club Excellence Chair Lindy Sinclair excellence@d57tm.org
    Speechcraft Chair Subhash S. Kale  
    Public Relations Team – working with Public Relations Manager
    Webmaster Larry J. Miller larry@larry-j-miller.com
    Newsletter Editor *Vacant – your Path?* newsletter@d57tm.org
    Newsletter Backup Venkat Raman newsletter@d57tm.org
    Podcast Chair Dawn Benson dawn.benson@ebmud.com
    Meetup Chair *Vacant – your Path?* meetup@d57tm.org
    Facebook Chair *Vacant – your Path?*  
    Twitter Chair *Vacant – your Path?*  
    LinkedIn Chair *Vacant – your Path?*  
    Instagram Chair *Vacant – your Path?*  
    Updated March 11, 2023 WKL #PRM  

PDF version – Updated December 09, 2022: d57tm.org-2022-2023_Leadership_v2022_1209.pdf