Officer Makeup Training

Not able to attend the Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) ? Learn about make-up training opportunities across the Bay Area.

Q. Where and when can I attend club officer training?

Q. Who should attend?
A. Every Toastmaster is invited and encouraged to attend! Every club officer should attend to get Distinguished Club Program (DCP) credit for club officer training.

Q. Why should I attend club officer training?
A. Here are NINE reasons from “Why Attend Club-Officer Training?” by By Shelia Spencer, DTM:

  1. Help your club earn a point in the Distinguished Club Program (DCP).
  2. Get direct access to your district leaders and the important information they have to share.
  3. Share your own ideas and experiences with other officers at your table.
  4. Achieve your goals by networking with members from other clubs.
  5. Build on the personal relationships you formed at the last training.
  6. Expand your network by meeting new club officers.
  7. Revisit the goals you set in when you took office, and determine the best use of your time and energy for the rest of your term.
  8. Introduce your mentees to leadership opportunities.
  9. Explore other Toastmasters leadership roles, so you can serve in a different spot next year.

Q. Can I attend a club officer training in another Division or District?
A. YES. You can attend ANY club officer training, anywhere in the world. Just email details of when and where you attended and the contact information of the training leader to your Division Director, so he/she can follow up and obtain training verification.

Q. What if I hold more than one office?
A. Do one of the following, depending on your situation:

  • If you hold the same office (e.g. Treasurer) in more than one club, indicate both clubs on the sign-in sheet at the training.
  • If you hold different offices (e.g. Treasurer and VP Public Relations), you should attend individual training for each office you hold and aren’t familiar with (be sure to sign-in to get credit for being trained).

Q. What is Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI)?
A. Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) is a twice-yearly, premier educational opportunity for Toastmasters’ club officers, as well as the membership at large. Held twice a year, this one day event features officer training sessions to help officers be effective in carrying out their officer roles. In addition, skill-building educational sessions are offered for all who attend to assist members not only in their Toastmasters journey, but also in life as they speak and lead in their families, communities, and workplace.

Q. What types of courses are offered at TLI?
A. TLI offers three categories of classes:

  1. Toastmasters 101: Explains the inner workings of clubs, the educational program, the Distinguished Club Program (DCP), officer roles and responsibilities, and how clubs can get support from the District. Offered twice a day, this comprehensive class is two hours in duration. It’s an immersion for all Toastmasters, new club officers, and anyone who wants an update on all the basics of Toastmasters.
  2. Advanced Officer Training for each office: Each officer can choose Basic or Advanced training for the office they hold. Advanced officer training is only appropriate for those who already know all the important basics about Toastmasters. The expectation for advanced training is that officers have read the officer manual for their role and know the basics. Advanced training will not cover the basics, but will offer in-depth leadership skills including case studies, interaction with peers, and role plays.
  3. Electives: Specifically targeted to the techniques members need to be better Toastmasters and officers; elective sessions will include topics such as evaluation, the magical land of advanced manuals, how the speaking and leadership tracks work, mentoring, running and judging contests, and many more! Electives will be offered throughout the day during the break out sessions.

Q. Do I need to stay all day at TLI?
A. To get credit for officer training you need to attend a general session and an officer training session. Your officer training can be Toastmasters 101 or any of the Advanced Officer training programs. You only need to attend and sign in to one session of training and one plenary session held in the Forum Theater during the first or last hour of the day.

Q. Do I need to attend both sessions of the training for my office?
No. You only need to attend and sign into one session either in the morning or in the afternoon.

Q. Is breakfast included at no cost?
A. Maybe! We will do our best to get offer breakfast snacks during registration from 7am to 8am. You are unable to bring them into the auditorium during training. 

Q. What about the new e-learning program for club officers?
A. This resource is offered as a supplement to bi-annual district-sponsored club officer training events, and is not intended to be a replacement. Incoming club officers can now begin training for their new role online. The new e-learning program for club officers is a self-paced interactive program that explains the officers’ responsibilities and illustrates how they can work together to create successful clubs. If you’d like to make sure you are prepared for advanced training, watching these videos will convey the basics.