Club Success Mini-Plan

Club Success Mini-Plan


Club Officers,

Complete the 2020-2021 Plan for Success. have it signed by all club officers and your Area or Division Director before August 31 to earn a $20 gift certificate.

Email with any questions. Area Directors, submit this form to when completed.

Club Information

Club Name: _____________________________________

Last year we were Distinguished – Select Distinguished – Presidents Distinguished – none (circle one) 

Our Base Membership as of July 1, 2020 is: ______ We need ______ total members to qualify for the Distinguished Club Program

What makes our club special is: ________________________________________________________________________________________



Officer Meetings

We will hold officer meetings once a month on the 1st /2nd/3rd/4th (circle one) _________ (day of week)



Open Houses

** $50 Open House Incentive available up to 4 times per year.

We will hold _______ open houses per year. The dates we will hold them are:

Open House 1 ___________________ (date)           Open House 3 ______________ (date)

Open House 2 ___________________ (date)           Open House 4 ______________ (date)

Additional Open House Date(s) ________________________________________________



Club Quality

When did you last do a Moments of Truth? __________________ (date, never, or I don’t know)
When will you run your next Moments of Truth? __________________ (date)

** Clubs with 3-12 members qualify for a club coach **

We would like a club coach –    Yes   –    No    (circle one)

We don’t qualify for a coach:  ______________________ (name, if any) will volunteer to be a club coach

Dues Renewal

We will first announce dues are due on ______________ (2020 date) and ______________ (2021 date) *

*Dues can be collected starting in August 2020 and February 2021. The first 20 clubs to reach 8 membership renewals will get a $25 gift certificate.

We will collect dues by cash – check – PayPal – Square – Venmo – Other (circle all relevant)

We will pay ________ # of membership payments before ________________ (2020 date) and ________________ (2021 date)


Club Website

Does your website have an updated photo or video of your club members?  Yes  –  No (circle one)

Is your contact information and directions on the website and find-a-club updated?   Yes  –  No (circle one)


Experience Excellence Incentives

We will earn $25 of incentives for completing (goal 1) ____________________________________

We will earn $25 of incentives for completing (goal 2) ____________________________________


Additional Club Newsletter/ My Why/ Videos Incentives

Does your club have a newsletter? Yes–No    Enter it in the Best Newsletter Contest ($100, $75, $50, for those judged the first, second and third best)

Does your club encourage members to create “My Why” videos? Yes-No   Enter them ($25. For the first 30 entered)

Does your club produce videos promoting your club and Toastmasters? Yes-No  Enter them in Contest ($100, $75, $50, for those judged the first, second and third best)


Guest Experience

We have a virtual guest book:   Yes  –  No (circle one)
We have a virtual guest packet:   Yes  –  No (circle one)
The _______________________ (role) will follow-up with guests ________ days after they visit


All Digital Signatures required for reimbursement (Can be an email with the officers typing their names that they each agree to the plan.)

Today’s date: ________________________