Copy 2020-2021 District Leadership

If you would like to join the District 57 Leadership in the Toastmasters year, July 1, 2020, through June 30, 2021, please email  We are building an exciting team where you can find your voice, make a difference, and have a lot of fun achieving your goals.

    Position Person Email Address
    District Director. Bett Bollhoefer
    Program Quality Director George Marshall
    Club Growth Director Julie Garrett
    Public Relations Manager Ed Cullen
    TLI Dean Lisa Fairchild
    Administrative Manager Mona Safari
    Logistics Manager    
    Finance Director Linda Patten
    Division A Director Robin Crawford
    Division B Director Marc Ventura
    Division C Director Chuck Ballinger
    Division D Director Carolyn Douglas
    Division E Director Garrett Estadt
    Division F Director Carl Cross
    Division G Director Donica Hopkins
    Division H Director Katherine Cheung
    Division I Director Kate Mills
Div Area Position Candidate  
A 1 Area Director Staci Smith
A 2 Area Director Teresa Smith
A 22 Area Director David Guinn
A   Newsletter Editor Hanna Spongberg  
B 7 Area Director Stacy Schwan
B 17 Area Director Marvel Gomuly
B 21 Area Director Philip Readle
B 27 Area Director Enzo Vignale
C 8 Area Director Eliott Rodgers
C 9 Area Director Dana Tuttle
C 24 Area Director Dennis Dawson
D 3 Area Director Tong Yin
D 12 Area Director – NEW Regina Davis
D 14 Area Director JC Loum
D 26 Area Director Winnie Ma
D 30 Area Director Michelle Peticolas
E 4 Area Director Marissa Smithwick
E 15 Area Director Aniruth Narayanan
E 18 Area Director Rahul Sansi
E 23 Area Director Drew Kaul
F 6 Area Director Smitha Sasidharhan
F 16 Area Director Debbie Wiener
F 20 Area Director Cassandra Johnson
F 32 Area Director Ashley Harkness
G 10 Area Director Paul Otto
G 11 Area Director Brook Renna Pang
G 25 Area Director Alan Connors
G 31 Area Director Erik Anderson
H 5 Area Director Bhaskar Swaminathan
H 19 Area Director Lisa Ash
H 28 Area Director Sherry Jensen
H 34 Area Director Viveca Hubbard
I 13 Area Director Sripriya Panchapakesan
I 29 Area Director Brijesh Deo
I 33 Area Director Jeffrey “Jeff” Young
I 35 Area Director Tao Shu
I 13 Assistant Area Director Samanvitha Basole
I 35 Assistant Area Director Rama Goli
    MasterClass Chair Beatrice Stonebanks
    Speakers Bureau Chair Gary Mckinsey
    Newsletter Editor Venkat Raman
    Pathways Chair TBD  
    Corp Program Chair William Holsey
    Open House Chair Sally Philbin
    Club Extension Chair TBD  
    Club Coach Chair Ashley Harkness
    Renewals Chair TBD  
    Conference Chair TBD  
    Contest Chair TBD  
    Chief Judge Hans Thoma
    Train the trainer Ashley Harkness
    Youth Leadership Program Savitha Setlur
    Podcast Chair Tony Navarra
    HPL/DTM Chair Jean Cunningham
    TLI Dean Lisa Fairchild