District Council Business Meeting Minutes Sept. 2020

Virtual District Council Meeting

September 14, 2020

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM


Sergeant at Arms Calls Meeting to Order          David Dai

 Meeting etiquette


District Director’s Opening Remarks                 Bett Bollhoefer

 Reading of the District Mission


Credentials Committee Report                            Randie Ellington

 Certification of Quorum


Parliamentarian’s Report                                     Noemi Gonzalez-Rocha

 Adoption of Meeting Rules


District Director’s Report                                    Bett Bollhoefer

                Adoption of Meeting Agenda


District Council Meeting Minutes Report         DIane Pleuss

                Adoption of District Council Meeting Minutes (4/25/20)


Audit Committee’s Report                                   Deneille Wiese-Smith

                Audit Committee Report

 All financial statements, transactions and bank reconciliations from Jan 1st through June 30st 2020 were reviewed and results delivered to Toastmasters International as per their requirements.


Finance Manager’s Report and Voting               Linda Patten

               Adoption of District Budget (Summary and Comparison)



  • Differences between Marketing Outside of Toastmasters and the Maximum Expense Type on the expense buckets
  • Could clubs use the monies for Social Media instead of microphones, etc?
  • Could club meetings go back to in person meetings should be allowed by state guidelines?
  • Who can get the credentials for the new concur program?
  • Can club funds be used for new club member’s dues?
  • Maximum Expense Type calculations to be confirmed
  • Missing line item reserved?
  • Would area director get a ballot for the Budget?



Vote to Approve District 57’s Budget


Chair recognized Hanna Spongberg’s Second



Ratification of Appointment of Donica Hopkins as Division G Director


Chair recognized Lindy Sinclair’s second


             Appointed District Officers and Voting                Bett Bollhoefer

Confirmation of Appointed District Officers   


             Public Relations Report                                            Ed Cullen


             Club Growth Director’s Report                             Julie Garrett

Renewals, Open House, and Online Clubs Reports


             Program Quality Director’s Report                      George Marshall

Club Officer training Report

Coming up training: Train the Trainer, Club Officer Training, Evaluation and International Speech Contests, Master classes


District Director Report                                                     Bett Bollhoefer


             Announcements                                                     Bett Bollhoefer

Team passed the Budget

Quorum was validated