District Leadership Committee Report 2020-2021

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District 57 Toastmasters
Council Meeting
Supporting Document

Members of the District Council,
The District Leadership Committee nominates the following individuals, to be elected to serve as 2021-2022 District Officers:

District Officer Nominees

George Marshall, DTM – District Director

Carolyn Douglas, ACG, ALB, DL4, EC4 – Program Quality Director

No nominated candidate – Club Growth Director

Teresa Smith, CL, MS3 – Division A Director

Joann Bradley, DTM – Division B Director

Eliott Rodgers, VC5, SR3 – Division C Director

Tong Yin, IP4, DL1 – Division D Director

No nominated candidate – Division E Director

Winnie Ma, DTM – Division F Director

Mark Salcido, DTM – Division G Director

Lisa Ash, CC, CL, DL4, PI1 – Division H Director

Sherry Hsu, DTM – Division I Director

Thank you,

Kevin Markl, DTM, IPDD
District Leadership Committee Chair