2014 – 2015 District Leaders

Leadership Role Toastmaster Email
District Governor Tod Henry, DTM dg@d57tm.org
Lt Gov Education and Training Teri McDonald, ACS, ALS lget@d57tm.org
Lt Gov Marketing Steve Taddei, DTM lgm@d57tm.org
Public Relations Officer Justin Lola, DTM pro@d57tm.org
Secretary Susan Colborn, ACS, ALB secretary@d57tm.org
Treasurer Betsy Elliott, ACB, ALB treasurer@d57tm.org
District Sergeant at Arms Duayne Weiler, CC saa@d57tm.org
Immediate Past District Governor Jean Cunningham, DTM ipdg@d57tm.org
District Chairs
District Statistician George Marshall gdmarshall@gmail.com
District Parliamentarian Bill Woolfolk, DTM wbillww@hotmail.com
Club Extension Chair Trio trio@d57tm.org
District Chief Ambassador Dennis Neary, DTM dnearytm@gmail.com
District Nominating Chair Jean Cunningham, DTM ipdg@d57tm.org
District TLI Dean Joan Funkhouser, ACS, ALB/ C.J. Johnson TLI-Deans@d57tm.org
District AG-DG Training Chairs Teri McDonald, ACS, ALS, Steve Taddei, DTM lget@d57tm.org/lgm@d57tm.org
District HPL Chair Tyree Johnson, DTM hpl@d57tm.org
District Awards chair opportunity available
District Chief Judge Jim Sartor, ACG, ALB chief.judge@d57tm.org
Fall Conference Co-chairs Kevin Powell fallconference@d57tm.org
Fall Conference Registration Co-Chairs Donna Haskell dantingo@wellsfargo.com
Fall Conference Registration Co-Chairs Ruby Bayson rbayson@comcast.net
Spring Conf Co-chairs 2015 Nancy Smith, CC, ALB (opportunity for co-chair) springconference@d57tm.org
Public Relations Team
Social Media Team Lead
Newsletter Lead Ashley Tomas news@d57tm.org
Mail Chimp Team Lead Crystal Bedford mailteam@d57tm.org
Google Hangout Team Lead Nancy Smith therunninsmith@gmail.com
Advertising Team Lead
Web Team Leader Eddie Keator, DTM webmaster@d57tm.org
Website – Staff Vinella Garcia webteam@d57tm.org
Website – Staff Dilek Alkaya webteam@d57tm.org
Website – Staff opportunity webteam@d57tm.org
Division and Area Governors
Division A Gov Kimberly Whitaker, ACG, CL divgov.a@d57tm.org
Area A01 Gov Stanley Nelson , ACS, ALB tomatostan@hotmail.com
Area A02 Gov Savitha Setlur, ACB, ALB Savitha.Setlur@wellsfargo.com
Area A13 Gov Jean Luong, ACS, ALB jeanluon@yahoo.com
Area A22 Gov Dmitry Chernyavsky, ACS, ALB jake76d@gmail.com
Area A29 Gov George Marshall, DTM gdmarshall@gmail.com
Division B Gov Kevin Markl, ACS, ALB divgov.b@d57tm.org
Area B06 Gov Ruby Bayson, CC, ALB Rbayson@comcast.net
Area B07 Gov Donna Marie Haskell, CC, ALB dantigno@wellsfargo.com
Area B17 Gov Gary Gardner, ACS gpgardner@gmail.com
Area B21 Gov Suzanne Yorkunas, ACB, ALB yorkunas@sbcglobal.net
Area B23 Gov Eileen McEntyre, ACS, CL eileen457@gmail.com
Area B27 Gov Randi Adler , CC rzgrump@alo.com
Division C Gov Juni Abuda, ACS, ALB divgov.c@d57tm.org
Area C08 Gov Emily Lin, ACB, CL yinlilin918@yahoo.com
Area C09 Gov Ying Ying Zhang yingying.zhang87@gmail.com
Area C24 Gov Michael Cooper, CC, ALB AreaC24D57@gmail.com
Division D Gov Randie Ellington, ACS, ALS divgov.d@d57tm.org
Area D03 Gov Pat deSa, ACS, ALB patriciadesa99@gmail.com
Area D12 Gov Neal Trotter, ACS iie@gzronline.com
Area D14 Gov Lola Pratt, ACS, ALB lolal7@yahoo.com
Area D26 Gov Wing Lok, CL wingklok@yahoo.com
Area D30 Gov Jason Matthews, CC drjay073@hotmail.com
Division E Gov Ed Cullen, ACB, ALB divgov.e@d57tm.org
Area E04 Gov Linda Lawlor, ACS, CL lindalawlor@sbcglobal.net
Area E15 Gov Rosa Bravo, ACB ms.rosamariabravo@gmail.com
Area E18 Gov Forrest Sam, CC zimmern_sam@live.com
Division F Gov Joan Funkhouser, ACS, ALB divgov.f@d57tm.org
Area F05 Gov Jon Corbett, CC jonmcorbett@yahoo.com
Area F16 Gov Robert Hardy, ACG, ALB hardyco1@att.net
Area F19 Gov Stacy Dennig, ACB, CL stacydennig@gmail.com
Area F20 Gov Jill Van Slyke, ACG, ALB jl4973@att.com
Area F28 Gov Mohinder Singh, ACB m_singhfeb@hotmail.com
Area F32 Gov Steve Pueschel, ACB, ALB steve2ocean@gmail.com
Division G Gov Tony Navarra, ACS, ALB divgov.g@d57tm.org
Area G10 Gov Woody Frampton, ACB, ALB weframpton@yahoo.com
Area G11 Gov Colette Metz metz.colette@gmail.com
Area G25 Gov Christy Helvajian, ACB, ALB christy.helvajian@gmail.com
Area G31 Gov Christine Adams, ACS, ALB cadams707@yahoo.com

(opportunity – contact the District 57 Governor, Tod Henry, DTM at dg@d57tm.org)