Masterclass: Posture Myth-Busters

“I need to use my whole chair when I sit, that’s what it’s there for, isn’t it?”

“Good posture is having my shoulders back, my back arched, and my head up!”

“I can’t have good ergonomics working from home. I’d need too much equipment!”

Posture Myth-Busters

Evelyn Hess & Steve Bollhoefer
Monday, June 15, 2020, 7-8 pm PT


Evelyn Hess and Steve Bollhoefer are here to bust your posture misconceptions and teach you how to have the easy, balanced, sustainable posture you’ve always wanted. In this interactive workshop you’ll have the chance to get your written and verbal questions answered and get tips on your home office setup live.

Evelyn Hess is an Alexander Technique teacher and owner of Performance & Poise. She specializes in teaching performers and everyday people how to eliminate chronic pain, improve everything they do, and feel better doing it.

As a violinist, Steve Bollhoefer became interested in posture and body mechanics. He decided to become a teacher of the Alexander Technique and recently graduated and began his career.

Commonly taught in the most prestigious performing arts schools all over the world, the Alexander Technique is internationally recognized as a way to reduce chronic pain, achieve peak performance, and have better posture through reducing habitual tension.

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