PR Tips 2021


Public Relations Tips  
  Tip of the Month:  October 2021

Meetup Guide

District 57 has joined forces with Meetup to make this process easy for everyone.  Take advantage of Meetup to communicate with your club members, attract guests, and grow your membership. Sign up as a new user at  This is your individual account that you customize with your name, picture, and interests. 
Ready to create events for your club?  Nominate a primary and secondary representative from each club to take a leadership role with the official District 57 groups on meetup.  Let the district know who these representatives are, and we will elevate their role to create events. 
Some tips to make your events successful. 

  • Your event title should include your club’s name and an introduction to your event topic. 
  • Include a photo on your event page to give members a better feel for your meetup.
  • The description should have the location and a basic agenda of your event.  Give your attendees an idea of what they can expect during the event and what they need to know before they arrive.
  • Allow members to bring guests.
  • Set an open and close date and time for members to RSVP.
  • Publish your event so that it is visible to all members in your group.
  • Share your events on social media and email your event to people that are not in the group so that they can join.
  • Follow up with your guest after the meetup event.

Have fun, build relationship, and watch your membership grow.

Let us know at if this is helpful, and if you would like other tools to help you succeed in your Public Relations efforts. 


  Tip of the Month:  August 2021

Communications Toolkit
Imagine if you received an inquiry email tomorrow morning. You want to respond quickly with the highlights of your club and an invitation to your next meeting. Do you have that ready? Have you created email templates for a variety of situations? This month, we are empowering you with the tools to be successful, we have made sample templates and key messages you can use today. This doc was written for corporate clubs, however we want you to customize it to your specific club. Click Below to get the communications toolkit. 
Let us know at if this is helpful, and if you would like other tools to help you succeed in your Public Relations efforts. 
Nancy Moscardini, D57 Public Relations Manager 
Club anniversary certif.










Tip of the Month:  July 2021

Celebrate your Club Charter and Member Anniversary
How to find your charter date: Officers, log into Toastmasters International, click on Club Central> Club Achievements and click on the anniversary certificate.  Post it on your social channels, and promote your length of time supporting Toastmasters.

Are your celebrating a 10, 15, 25 more years? Find out and use this as an opportunity to promote your club. 

  1. Celebrate with an Open House that month. Did you know you can get an incentive for an open house? Check out our incentive page. Click here.

  2. Consider interviewing the chartered members and ask them how Toastmasters helped them improve their public speaking and leadership skills. 

  3. Review your roster and celebrate your member’s anniversary.