Spring 2017 Educational Sessions


Meet the Education Speakers from the Spring Conference (Saturday, May 6th). See below to learn about their sessions, read their bios and even download some of the presentations!

You’ve Got the Moves – Gestures and Staging to Enhance Your Speech by Evelyn Lee

Description: What do you do with your nervous energy during a speech? Flail your hands, turn to stone, or pace the stage? This session shares simple tips for channeling your nervous energy into purposeful movement, and includes lots of examples on how to apply gestures and staging to make a point and drive home your message.

Speaker Bio: Evelyn Lee is a member of Tales & Tellers, and Prep Squad Toastmaster clubs. She has been a Toastmaster for 11 years. Over the years, she has enjoyed sharing tips about gestures, staging, writing, and storytelling with her club and the district. Knowing how to gesture and use the stage is also helpful when evaluating a speaker. That knowledge helped Evelyn place second at the District Evaluation contest in November.




Overcome Fear – Pathways Toward Success by Dr. Feng Hong, ACB, ALB

Description: Fear comes with uncertainty – First table topic, icebreaker, first evaluation. How would your peers view your efforts? Feng will share some tips on managing the fear and even leveraging it to your benefit.

Speaker Bio: Dr. Feng Hong is a biologist/chemist who has worked almost two decades in diagnostics/pharmaceutical industry. He has been a toastmaster for more than five years and enjoys being a motivator, collaborator and mentor. In his spare time he is a bookworm, bridge player, amateur poet and reunion organizer. 



Effective Presentations: Using PowerPoint to Tells Your Story by Kamalika Roy, DTM

Description: Learn the do’s and don’ts of an effective PowerPoint presentation and how to use it as a powerful medium to tell your story.

Speaker BioKamalika Roy’s Toastmasters journey began in January 2013 in Southern California. As a member of several clubs, she served in a variety of club officer roles as well as the Area Director for Area J1, Division J in District 33.

In 2016 Kamalika relocated to Northern California as an Associate Director at BioMarin Pharmaceuticals in San Rafael. In Jan 2017 she initiated the company’s corporate club, San Rafael Raconteurs in partnership with her colleague, a fellow Toastmaster.  As the VPE  for the club she is focussed in ensuring that her club maintains its distinguished club status and the club members achieve their full potential under the new Pathways program.

Effective Presentations:
Using PowerPoint to Tells Your Story


Evaluate to Elevate – Toastmasters and Beyond by Gina Cefalu

Description: Come learn from your fellow Toastmasters in an entertaining and interactive workshop structured to elevate your Evaluation skills in club meetings and world outside Toastmasters!  

Speaker BioGina Cefalu is a Realtor ® in the East Bay 680/24 Corridor based in Danville, CA.  She has worked as a Realtor for 13 years and had the opportunity to appear on House Hunters in 2015.   She’s the mother of two teen daughters both active in sports and the arts.   

She’s been a member of Toastmasters since 1995 and joined at the encouragement of her boss at PowerBar Inc.  She’s the daughter of a military officer and has lived in most parts of the country as well as oversees.  Her favorite pastime in the summer is softball, she’s been a member of the same team for over a decade.



Mastering the Feedback Process by Kevin Markl

DescriptionFeedback is at the heart of the Toastmasters educational program. After spending hours writing, practicing and delivering speeches, feedback often goes underused. Attend this session and you will learn how to apply invaluable feedback to improve your speech writing, enhance your delivery and accelerate your development.

Speaker BioKevin is passionate about helping others reach their goals – whether it’s teaching someone how to ski or coaching others to excel in their sales and marketing roles. He embodies this passion through his own journey in Toastmasters. Kevin joined 7 years ago and has immersed himself across the organization. He has served many functions from Club Secretary to Division Governor.

He has presented officer training for all club officer roles and at the Toastmasters Leadership Institute. Stretching outside of the club, Kevin supports membership and club development at Speechcrafts, Open Houses and continues to volunteer at District events and Conferences.

Mastering the Feedback Process pdf


Is Speaking Your Pathway to Your Passion? by Teri McDonald, DTM

DescriptionLearn how to find your passion and take the first steps towards using your voice to speak for others.  Your journey through the Toastmasters education and leadership program is unique and Toastmasters has the paths to help you identify your passion and take action to make a difference for those you care about.

Speaker BioTeri McDonald, DTM, IPDD, has been a member of Toastmasters since early 2010. She has been a member of multiple President’s Distinguished Clubs, served in several officer positions and been involved in district leadership for the last 5 years. In 2014, she was hired as a trainer at Contra Costa County where she led classes for the public.

Teri recently launched “Curiosity Coaches & Consulting, LLC” where she helps women flourish in non-traditional jobs and excel in new leadership roles through workshops and coaching. You can find her passion page on Facebook as TeriMcD, a Big Cat Advocate.

Is Speaking Your Pathway to Your Passion?pdf

Is Speaking Your Pathway to Your Passion?Image result for powerpoint icon


Funny You Should Say That:  A Workshop on Adding Humor to Your Speeches by Bryan Fisher

Description: Great speakers know how to keep their audiences engaged.  One of their rules of engagement is “Be Funny, Make Money.”  By adding the spice of humor to your speeches, you can ease tensions as well as keep your audience listening to important lessons you have to share.

Speaker Bio: Bryan has been a Toastmaster for nearly two years, with AAA Talkers in Walnut Creek, where he currently serves as President, as well as a Pathways Guide for District 57.  Bryan has achieved the Advanced Communicator Silver distinction, along with Advanced Leader Bronze certificate.

Bryan won this year’s District 57 Humorous Social Media contest, as well as his club’s Humorous Speaking contests for the past two years. Toastmaster Fisher has found that adding humor to speeches is a vital tool in developing rapport with one’s audience, and it helps keep people interested in the topic at hand.


Humorous Speaking Workshop Handoutpdf

Humorous Speaking Workshop Handout (With Answers) 


Impromptu to Speaking is a Vital Skill by Lola Pratt, ACS, ALB

Description: Practicing Table Topics is great in Toastmasters. Table Topics also allows us to prepare ourselves for what happens in Real Life in, Real Time. There are many Scenarios  we may find ourselves in with just a few moments to prepare.

Speaker BioToastmaster has given Mrs. Pratt the opportunity to advance her Leadership skills by participating in the High-Performance Leadership training, earning her a Certificate for Leadership Excellence.  Mrs. Pratt (Lola) has been a member of Toastmaster since 2012, currently pursuing her DTM and most recently she has started her AS designation the Accredited Speaker.  Lola feels that whatever Path you take in toastmasters, you will enjoy the Journey.

Lola is an Oakland Native, Military Veteran and Advocate for her Community. Lola has her own Mobile Notary Public signing service. Lola takes little credit for her accomplishments, her Faith and Family are her motivators.


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