2023-2024 Newspaper Articles


The D57 PR Team is working to put out our first D57 Newspaper.   

You don’t have to be a writer to write a great article…And the articles can be just 100 wordsHow easy is that – we want your observations and ideas in our D57 Newspaper!!!

Ideas for articles and single paragraphs You can write a 100 word tidbit (top list), or 200 – 300 words, or 400 or more words (bottom list) – it’s up to you!!!

Short Tidbit Contributions (100 word):Anything from the Bottom list AND:

  • Something awesome happened at a meeting.
  • A recent table topics speech I gave that was great.
  • Summarize of a great speech I gave or heard.
  • What we do unique in our club.
  • Something that was exciting that happened to you this week – that could become a speech.
  • Or any other small tidbit that seems Toastmaster inspired or useful.
  • What makes a great training in Toastmasters
  • How to keep members engaged.
  • How to make good meetings incredible.
  • What makes a good leader?
  • If I knew now, what I wished I knew then, what would you have done differently as a new member

Ideas –  longer articles (200, 300, 400+):Anything from the top list AND:

  • Summarize a great speech and the events that inspired it.
  • How I completed a Path, DTM, OATM, HPL, Youth Leadership, other major TI projects. 
  • Why I am in Toastmasters or What skills have really changed how I look at things because of Toastmasters
  • When you put the needs of someone else ahead of your own – what happened.
  • How to plan a District event that is really good. 
  • If I knew now, what I wished I knew then, what would you have done differently as a new member
  • OTHER ideas that can become great articles.

Guidelines – Write good copy, but don’t worry about polish, there are no grades here – your great ideas will become a really good article after an editor polishes it up a bit.Deadline – September 2. Newspaper issue out by September 9th.Submit articles HERE

Awaiting your 100 word or more contribution,

Eliott Rodgers,D57 Public Relations Manager,ejrodgers.toastmasters@gmail.com