Becoming a Leader – Skill #2 Chart the Course

By Linda Patten, DTM,
D57 Club Growth Director

Last month in “Becoming a Leader: What Does a Leader Do? Skill #1 – Creating A Vision”, I talked about having a sensory rich picture of that vision or dream. Vision boards can be a great way of bringing out the visual nature of the vision for all to see. Often looking at a picture can bring out the sounds, tastes, feelings, and sights that embody that vision. Once you embody your vision, charting the course is next.

This involves defining the strategies and plans on how the tribe is going to make this vision happen. As with a road trip, you need your route and need to know what obstacles or potholes might be in the way of the vision developing. This can involve going to AAA or to Google Maps or to another GPS program. There are decisions to make around which route is the best; what do I want to see or experience while I am on this journey and what are the visions of those coming along with me.

There is something else to consider. I have used the metaphor of a road trip to help you see the course. However, with visioning and dreaming, I want to go beyond the confines of a road. I want you to use the navigation of the stars to provide you with a much larger tapestry and route upon which to travel. Tristan MacManus, with a soft Irish lilt, said it well when coaching Valerie Harper for Dancing with the Stars: “Don’t keep looking at the floor, Valerie. There’s nothing there for you.” Question you should be answering: Is your vision big enough to hold the giant successes and big picture thinking you need for success?

Linda Patten has been an Area and Division Director, District Finance Manager, as well as being very active in Pathways: SR5, LD5, TC5, MS5, VC5, DL5, PM5.