Click!!! It’s time for the District 57 Toastmasters Youtube Channel

By Eliott Rodgers,
D57 Public Relations Manager

October 26, 2023

With streaming taking up a lion’s share of the television (media) viewing market, it seems that more of my friends are watching just as many things on Youtube as I am. There are so many things on Youtube to watch, including your favorite District 57 video reels. Our District 57 PR Team Video Chair, Hans Thoma, has really stepped up our visibility with a slew of new edits of recent, and even some classic reels from District 57 events. 

 Join me in watching the endless speeches, meeting proceedings, and master classes for being a better Toastmaster and getting the most out of Toastmasters. Also, please subscribe to the District 57 Toastmasters Youtube Channel when you enter our channel HERE

District 57 Toastmasters Youtube Channel Content: 

 District 57 Playlists: Includes Speech Contest video, Meeting proceedings, Training videos, Candidate statements, Officer Trainings, Masterclass videos, and more as Hans edits videos from recent and upcoming trainings, most planned by our Program Quality Director, Sally Philbin. 

Recommended Toastmasters Youtube Channels Include:

 Toastmasters TV – Toastmasters in a real TV studio – impressive content

  • Dennis Dawson’s Channel – slideshow trainer extraordinaire. A real master!!!
  • Speak On Productions – District 57 Speech and Training content
  • Toastmasters International – Of course!!! Always top quality content.
  • Bett Bollhoefer – Past D57 Director – energetic and inspiring.

Please send comments, reviews and suggestions HERE. Enjoy!!!