Club Newsletter Contest 2020 Results

We are pleased to acknowledge the efforts of various clubs that entered our contest this year and demonstrated their dedication to keep their members informed as well as showcased.

We are additionally pleased to have sparked an interest in starting a club newsletter directly as a result of the contest.

The final tally is in. And we have some notable entries we wish to recognize. Congratulations to all!

The winning clubs will be awarded their prize money as Toastmasters Gift Certificates, and the editors for these publications will be awarded their prize money as Amazon Gift Cards.

The Winners

First Place – $100 Prize

Diablo Toastmasters Club (Area B-17)
Editor ($25 Prize) – Rose Falgout

Second Place – $75 Prize

Star Search Club (Area I-29)
Editor ($25 Prize) – Tao Shu

Third Place – $50 Prize

ARPB Toastmasters (Area D-30)
Editor ($25 Prize) – Karen Davis

Honorable Mention

In addition, we wish to include two clubs that finished behind the Top Three, but are deserving of special mention:

Toast Tronic (Area G-25) – Editor Hailey Queen
Rockridge Toastmasters Club (Area D-03) – Editor Tina Hoang

It doesn’t stop here!

Congratulations to every club that entered the contest! If you are new to this scene or you rejuvenated a hibernating club newsletter due to this contest, you now have a taste of what you can do. This is just the beginning and we hope you will continue with the effort and refine your publication in the months to come. Everyone benefits if you do.

Who knows, there may be another contest next year and you may have the perfect entry for it!

It has been a rewarding experience for me to administer this contest. I would like to thank the panel of judges who took time off their busy schedules to judge the entries and helped me arrive at the final results. 

Venkat Raman
District 57 Newsletter Editor