2022-2023 Club Awards & Incentives

Winnie Ma, Awards & Incentives Chair 

Any D57TM club can earn District Buck$$$ by meeting requirements on certain Membership Growth and Program Quality Incentives.
Earn awards for delivering an excellent guest experience, member experience and officer experience to help your members reach their goals and your clubs to become Distinguished.

2022-2023 Incentives

Club awards and incentives currently available:

2022-2023 District Bucks Report for Clubs

District Bucks Report for Clubs:


Use Concur to get reimbursed from your club’s earned District Bucks.
Read more about D57TM District Bucks incentive program at https://d57tm.org/getting-reimbursement/ .

Volunteer Incentive Management Software (VIMS)

New!  This system is aimed to improve your District Bucks and member achievement awards tracking, submittal, and approval experience for Members, Club and District 57 Officers!
https://webwidgets.io/u/d57tm/index.html (helpful documentation and video clips to help)

See training session Zoom recording on to use VIMS: https://d57tm.org/member-club-awards-incentives-submission-training-sessions/


Change Log

Date Description Who
08 NOV 2022 Initial PY 2022-23 Update WKL
10 NOV 2022 Added District Bucks status Google Sheet Link
Replaced list of club awards and incentives
Reorganized, rephrased and added headings
12 NOV 2022 VIMS is live!  Thank you Bett, Winnie and Team! WKL
02 JUN 2023 Typo corrections, update for videos WKL