Discovering the Power of Humor January 14

Join Ray Engan on January 14

What if there was a secret sauce that not only made your speeches more interesting but gave you more chances in the fun things in life? Guess what ….there is! Join Ray Engan and Sunnyvale Speakeasies Toastmasters Club, on January 14, 2022 when we will help you unlock The Power of Humor!

Ray Engan was a shy little boy who avoided talking to strangers by walking inside the safety of his Mom’s wrap-around skirts.

But 15 years of Stand Up Comedy and 15 years of Sales management and leadership training created a completely different monster.

Today, he is an award winning speaker, corporate speaking coach and storyteller. In 2020, Ray created The Humor Algorithm, a program that demystifies the process of humor and can make anyone funnier. He is the current Chief Charisma Creator at Leadership Through Laughter.

He has won both the International Speech Contest and Humorous Speech contest at the District level and competed with and written for past World Championship of Public Speaking finalists and Champions, as well as the Tonight show…

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