District 57 is Distinguished after an EPIC RUN

by Diane Pleuss, District Director

WE DID IT! On this last day of the Toastmasters year, we were officially recognized as a Distinguished District! Woohoo! It is a huge accomplishment and I hope you are as proud of our District as I am.

Thank you for all the extra time and extra effort you put into helping us reach this milestone. While we hit the required numbers from Toastmasters International, it’s really a reflection of the district goals we set out at the beginning of the year: fun, growth and recognition.

We sincerely believed that if our members had the support and training in a safe, friendly and fun environment, they would enjoy and appreciate their Toastmasters experience. That would lead to more educational achievements, more members and more clubs. And that’s exactly what happened! As the saying goes, “If our members aren’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!”

You may have noticed that most of the time, I ended my emails with the tagline, “With your help, it will be an epic year.” And it has been an epic year! Please allow me to tout some stats:

49 of our clubs are Presidents Distinguished! That is 1/3 of our clubs! To be President’s Distinguished, you have to have 20 or more members or added 5 new members and have completed 9 or more DCP points. That has to be a recent record.

998 Pathways awards were earned! OK gang, who hasn’t turned in a Pathways award yet? You can still submit it today and then we can say we hit the 1000 mark!

9 new clubs were chartered! They include:

  • 630 Toast at Graton Casino
  • Broadway Toastmasters (paperwork submitted and still waiting on the official recognition)
  • Fremont Heartfulness Toastmasters
  • Lam Research Toastmasters
  • Oracle Pleasant Speakers Club
  • Re/Max Accord Toastmasters
  • SoniCommunicators
  • UCT Toastmasters Club in Hayward
  • Vallejo Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals

And, Umpteen Open Houses!    

It’s been quite a year. We hope you will join us in celebrating this accomplishment at our Awards and Installation Gala on Friday, July 19 at Crow Canyon Country Club. Register here! We will recognize the people who have earned educational awards since our Annual Conference, the OATM winners, new DTM’s as well as some “People’s Choice” awards. We plan on taking a group photo with a large banner to commemorate our epic year. Hope you’ll join us and be part of the fun!

Finally, we have an outstanding new team who takes over tomorrow. Kevin, Bett and Ashley are the new Trio with a host of eager Area Directors, Division Directors and Chairs. I hope you will welcome them with the same open arms in which you welcomed me. Email kevin@d57tm.org to learn more about joining their team. Let’s make this next year part of our Epic Run!

With your help, it has been an epic year.

All the best,

Diane Pleuss, DTM
District Director