MasterClass: Evaluate to Motivate and Win Contests


Competing in the Evaluation Contest? Want to level up your own Evaluations?

We have a MasterClass just for you!

Evaluate to Motivate and Win Contests
Kevin Markl, IP4, MS4, ACG, ALB (District 57 Director)
Wednesday, February 19, 2020, 7-8pm PST

(Note that participation is limited to the first 100 registrants.)

The more effective we are in evaluating each other, the more each one of us will profit from the experience, whether we are delivering a speech, evaluating, or sitting in the audience. For audience members, we learn from the good example an effective evaluation presents. As evaluators, we learn to sharpen our listening and impromptu speaking skills. And as speakers, effective evaluations provide immediate feedback, offer methods to improve, and help build and maintain self-esteem.

Join this Masterclass to discover:

  • How to work effectively with the speaker/team member you are evaluating
  • What to look for when evaluating a speaker
  • Best practices to prepare, structure and deliver effective evaluations

Kevin Markl has been a Toastmaster for nearly 9 years and currently serves as District Director – the CEO – of District 57, helping more than 150 Clubs, 70 District leaders and 3000 Members stretching from Fremont to the Oregon border experience excellence. He’s a member of Prep Squad, a club that’s prepared and coached contestants to District Contest speech finals since 2006 with their unique, interactive, round-robin evaluations. He’s excited to share secrets he’s learned that any Toastmaster can use right away in their own clubs to improve their evaluations and experience excellence.

For questions regarding this MasterClass or the MasterClass series, contact  We hope to see you online!


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