How to Earn the Online Ovation Award

Toastmasters International recently announced additional recognition awards, including the Online Ovation Award. Here’s how to earn it.

To earn the Online Ovation award, your club must be meeting online. If you are meeting online, follow these steps:

Step one:

Check to see if your club has already set the option to indicate you are meeting online and have earned the award. If not, continue to step 2.

Step two:

Go to and log into Club Central.

Step three:

Once you’ve logged into Club Central you may see a pop-up asking you to update if your club is meeting online. If you see the pop-up, please click on Update.


If you do not receive the pop-up, please click on the Club Demographics button:

Step four:

Once you are in the Club Demographics tab, all you have to do is select Yes, if you are meeting online, and then save. We recommend not publishing your online meeting URL unless you have waiting room functionality enabled (not available on the District sponsored Zoom).

That’s it! 4 Easy steps to update in Club Central > Club Demographics that your club is meeting online to earn the Online Ovation Award.

Contact if you have any questions about earning this award.