Learning can be fun!

Deepti Kapoor
VPE, Souring Eagles

The fear of what people will say, (am I making a fool of myself?…) is daunting. Until last year, speaking in meetings or public meetings made me sweat. I would forget the content and only focus on all the things that could go wrong. 

Joining Toastmaster changed my life.  So far, I have only done three speeches and completed Level One of my path, but the confidence I have gained by completing three speeches is tremendous. I started believing in myself and started believing that people are interested in knowing each other and helping each other. I feel like I belong and am surrounded by so many like minded people. Getting an audience and the encouragement after every speech is an energy booster. 

In Toastmasters nobody judges you, and no answer during impromptu speaking, Table Topics, is “correct.”  This gives me an opportunity to speak, analyze my filler words, and reflect on methods for connecting with the audience. I learnt so much about myself after becoming part of this community. Toastmaster made learning fun for me.  Toastmaster made me realize learning is a process, and that learning skills can help you become what you want to be. Keep learning and reaching new heights!

Deepti Kapoor is Passionate hard working, a Technical Program Manager at work, and a mother of a teenager and pre-teen.  She is Now working on her second fear of “water” by learning how to swim.