Masterclass: Use your Club Newsletter to Inform and Impress

We live in an era of newsletters. Newsletters are everywhere, published in various forms, by businesses of all kinds. More so now than ever before. Looks like even some Toastmasters clubs have joined the fray and are putting out newsletters of their own.

Are you wondering if a club newsletter is right for YOUR club?

We have some answers for you!

Use a Club Newsletter to Inform and Impress

Venkat Raman, DTM (District 57 Newsletter Editor)
Monday, April 20, 2020, 7-8pm PT

(Note that participation is limited to the first 100 registrants.)

A club newsletter, at its core, is news about the club. As a Toastmasters club, yours would meet periodically, your members would make progress and reach milestones, you will acquire new members, and some of your members may even score notable achievements outside the club. There are all kinds of news, on a regular basis, about your club! The question arises: How do you leverage all this vivacity of your club in maintaining continual engagement from your members and guests alike? You know that is what it takes for a club to thrive.

A club newsletter is a really potent tool you can wield in this pursuit.

Join this Masterclass and discover:

  • Why a newsletter is a public (and private) relations tool
  • How to start a simple newsletter and grow it into a PR machine easily
  • When is it a good time to start a club newsletter?
  • and more …

Venkat Raman has been a Toastmaster for over five years and earned his DTM in March 2020! Starting with City Speech Toastmasters almost since its inception (missed the first three months), Venkat has maintained his steadfast allegiance to it while expanding beyond the club: serving as an Area Director, sponsoring another club, serving as a club coach for another club, coordinating a Youth Leadership Program session, and now serving as the District 57 Newsletter Editor. He was the editor of City Speech News, a weekly newsletter published by City Speech Toastmasters in 2018, transitioning into the current district role in Jan 2019.

Venkat is looking forward to sharing his passion for newsletters and getting you excited about them as well!

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