My road to Division Directorship

By Brenda Carroll Walker

It has been an absolutely wonderful experience serving as Division D Director. I have three things to say about District 57 Toastmasters: they encourage, they inspire and they teach.

I truly appreciate being encouraged to keep going forward by everyone within Division 57. Steve Taddei was our District Governor when I joined. He was speaking at DECM, saying “you may be the next Area or Division Director”. I remember sitting there and shaking my head. No, I wouldn’t take on a leadership role ever! I didn’t think I could lead anyone. Today I am honored to serve as Division D Director

I am inspired by you, the people who keep District 57 engaging and exciting. I may see you nervously give your icebreaker speech. A short time later I see you confidently working on Level 4 of Pathways and my heart jumps with joy.

The district leaders and members have taught me how to lead, delegate and let go, knowing that my team members will execute the task perfectly. Most importantly you’ve taught me how and why I should ask for help.

All of the District 57 Toastmasters have inspired, encouraged and taught me so much more than how to speak in public.

Brenda Carroll Walker is 2018-2019 Director of Division D. Her division has been credited with being the first to achieve the Distinguished status among all District 57 divisions for the year. Brenda attributes that success to all the able support from her Area Directors.

[This article has been reproduced with permission from the April issue of Warehouse Toastmasters newsletter]