My Secrets to Leadership

My Secrets to Leadership

By Jeffrey Young, Division A Director

 Listen First, Then Lead  

I’m a consensus builder at heart. If my ideas don’t resonate with who I’m bringing them to, then they’re the wrong ideas to support. I don’t have to agree with everyone and everything; I just have to listen to what I hear, and ask, ‘is this what you want?’   The hardest part is making as many people happy as possible -and- the least unhappy as possible.

Challenge Instead of Command

 I set out interesting projects and see who picks up on them, rather than making people do what I want. People are motivated to do the things that sound cool to them, and disinterested in doing things that they don’t have a personal stake in.  I’m giving my Area Directors and Clubs individual and voluntary challenges to work on that resonate with their identities, rather than arbitrarily making them fulfil my personal agenda.

Assume Nothing, Activate Assertively 

I never go into a meeting thinking I know everything.  My ADs are my eyes and ears.  Their problems are my problems, but I’m an advisor and ambassador, not an admiral.  An asset to assist them rather than an antagonist or authority.