District Officer Nominations are Open

As our current District 57 leaders are finding their “sea legs,” and making great strides in membership growth, new clubs and overall quality, it is now time to recruit the strategic leaders for next year’s elected leadership roles. We want to ensure successful progress as we build our next, diverse team.  

Read the full list of roles, benefits of the role, time commitments.

Watch a 1-hour video to hear an esteemed panel of district leaders who share the following:

  1. The list of roles available
  2. The personal benefits of received by leading in the role
  3. The responsibilities and time commitments in the role

The 2019 – 2020 District Leadership Committee (DLC) has nominated the following candidates for the 2020 – 2021 term to begin July 1, 2020.

The following 2020-2021 roles are still open for nominations from the floor and will be elected at the April 25, 2020 District 57 Annual Conference:

  • District Director
  • Program Quality Director
  • Club Growth Director
  • Division Directors (nine)

Nominations for Area Director, Public Relations Manager, Administration Manager, Finance Manager, and chair positions will be forwarded from the District Leadership Committee to the incoming 2020-2021 District Director for an appointment.

Download this PDF to learn more about the purpose of the District, each role and their qualifications. Additionally, you can learn about the competencies for each role here and the skills you can develop by serving others and the District.

District 57’s inviting and supportive environment provides you with a safe place to learn, contribute and grow. This is an opportunity to:

  • Build your leadership experience – Strengthen critical leadership, consensus-building, negotiating and management skills by working together on programs, initiatives and events.
  • Increase your visibility and professional connections – Showcase your unique talents with your contributions. You will build lasting relationships with influential Toastmasters in the District and beyond.
  • Fulfill your personal and professional goals – Directly contribute to the growth and success of the District while working side-by-side with top leaders.

How can I submit my nomination?

Nominations to run should be submitted to Diane Pleuss, Immediate Past District Director and District Leadership Committee Chair at dpleuss@franchoice.com.

To submit a nomination, all candidates must sign and submit the following 4 documents:

  • Candidate application here
  • Officer Agreement and Release Statement here
  • District Leader Biographical Information here
  • A high resolution headshot

What is the timeline?

Despite the DLC report being invalid, we ask candidates respectively submit their documents 1 week before the Annual Conference on April 18, 2020. This will help us ensure the business meeting starts and ends on-time without disrupting the Annual Conference

This DLC Report here is invalid. What does that mean?

Changes were made to Toastmaster International’s Protocol 9.0: District Campaigns and Elections, effective July 1, 2019. In particular:

  • Any nomination reported by the DLC is invalid if any DLC requirement, process, or deadline is not complied with.
  • If the DLC report is invalid, candidates for District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, and Division Director may be nominated as floor candidates without going through the DLC evaluation process.

The DLC met every process outlined in the governing documents however, they did not have all DLC members approved by the new December 1, 2019 deadline. This was completed in January 2020 and candidate interviews completed in March 2020. While the DLC report is technically invalid, this had no substantive impact on the committee’s work.

Have questions about the roles or process?

Please contact Diane Pleuss, Immediate Past District Director and District Leadership Committee Chair at dpleuss@franchoice.com.