Open House Mantra

By Sally Philbin

Party On!!!  It is not too late to put on a fabulous Open House!

You know the drill…advertise, advertise, advertise; invite family, friends, co-workers, neighbors; keep your social media sites UpToDate/active.  Let the world know that you have a happening club. 

Just as important: structure your club meetings so that they are on-time, organized, congenial, welcoming, contain interesting content, are inclusive…you get the idea. If you see some redundancy…great, it means you are really reading this item.

All it takes is:

  1. An Ad that has the date/time/place and says Open House,
  2. An agenda that says Open House for that date,
  3. ONE of the following:
    • A sign-in sheet with at least 3 guests, or
    • A sign-in sheet with the one guest that joined (need TI confirmation for new member credit), or
    • A list of guests with a screen shot showing names of guests

THAT’S IT. I went looking for more, but there isn’t anymore…THAT’S IT!!!

Invite me (I count as a guest, unless I am already a member of your club), put me on the agenda, ask me questions; I’m here to help.

You can reach me at