Open House Kick Off 2020-2021

Get the year started with a Kick-off Open House


It’s Time to Have Fun!  Help Grow Your Club!

Get reimbursed up to $50 for your next open house! 

This is that time of the year.  Leaves are beginning to fall and people are returning from fabulous vacation getaways 😊 while kids prepare to go back to school.  Let’s continue to welcome our members and encourage guests to join Toastmasters!

Having a Kick-off Open House is an excellent way to galvanize your club experience. It’s fun and as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Pick a Date and Get Started Now!
Use the easy on-line form below and follow the helpful guidelines on how to hold an excellent Open House.  Click here:

Remember to get everyone in your club involved to make it a success.

Step 2: Get the Word Out!
Market and promote your event. Leverage Linked-in, Meet-Up, Facebook, Instagram and other professional social media platforms to share the exciting things your club is doing and how well your Open House is going. Invite previous guests and former members to return. Hold a contest and give prizes to see which member can bring the most guests to the Open House. Have electronic New Membership Application and a word document with the club name, club number, District number, and dues amounts. Have these documents available at the time of your Open House to be emailed to guests and former members right after the meeting.

Step 3: Have Fun!
Serve BYO food/refreshments, play background music, use virtual decorations and have fun!  Deliver a phenomenal guest and member experience. Post photos of your successful Open House on your Instagram/Facebook site to share the pictures across District 57.

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