Our Club Vision: Commit – Support – Succeed

Our Club Vision: Commit – Support – Succeed

By Sree lakshmi Gudreddi, Hacienda Park Toastmasters

Commit – Support – Succeed 

As a club, each member is expected to COMMIT to the Toastmasters promise. A promise that our members made to attend meetings regularly and work on their Pathways Projects. Our members are motivated to improve their public communications and leadership skills, but commitment is what leads them on their Toastmasters journey.

As a club with like minded members working towards common goals we SUPPORT each other to improve our skills. Since each member brings in different skills to every meeting, we are learning and absorbing subconsciously each minute of the minute. 

Lastly, our club mentors help and strategize a plan for members to reach their goals. Our members SUCCEED by being open to feedback and evaluation and mindfully applying the corrections in every day communication. Our members give each other the gift of feedback each meeting which builds self confidence and also skills to work on.