Does your club like pizza? Does your club like to celebrate? Here’s a chance to do both – on us.

Praise all the hard work and success of your members and club officers with the Pizza Party Prize!

Here’s the scoop:

  • If your club was not Distinguished by April 20, but now is Distinguished (epic accomplishment), you just earned a Pizza Party Prize up to $50 for your club
  • If your club was already Distinguished (congrats) by April 20, and you add 4 new members (super congrats), you’ve just earned a Pizza Party Prize up to $50.

Discover here if you’ve already earned a pizza party or what you need to do to earn one by having FUN, GROWING your club and being RECOGNIZED.

Not familiar with the Distinguished Club Program? Ask your club officers about the program and your club’s plan to earn awards, add new members and have a party – on us.

*** Pizza parties (or the food/beverages of your choice) must be earned and take place by June 30, 2019. To get reimbursed, send receipts, photos of your celebration and address to mail the check to within 48 hours of your pizza party ***